Saturday, 18 June 2011

Fatherhood Festival: Day Seven

Well, the end is nigh. We're about to face the final curtain - but at least (as the song says) I did it my way. Or rather, Charlie's. You know I told you about my patent method of picking the winners? Well, I thought I'd capture the moment on video. Here's Charlie drawing the winner of the Day Five Lego:

Yes, I could hardly believe it either. Not only has Steve already won some chocolate, but he's been on about the Lego ever since it was first mentioned. The thought did cross my mind that if he did actually did win after all that cheeping it might look a tiny bit suspicious, but you can't argue with the fickle finger of fate, can you?

But don't despair! Because you might have won the Duplo. In fact, if you're Rhian Drinkwater, you did. Congratulations Rhian - and Steve, of course. I'll need your postal addresses to get these goodies out to you, so 'inbox' me (as the rather awful phrase goes) and I'll do the rest. I'll also need the postal address of Lucy (WhenYouAreThatWoman) VBinCatalunya and BareNakedMummy - because you've each won one of yesterday's Cadbury chocolate giveaways.

No on the winner's rostrum yet? Fear not, because today, dear reader, for the final #FathersDay #Festival give-away I've got some really amazing prizes. First up, not one but THREE cars. Yes, I'm giving away a a cool blue Mini, an iconic white Ford Escort III and a Ford Capri III in traditional blue:

Ok, so they're not full-size. But each model is an authentic detailed replica by that iconic die-cast model maker Corgi who have teamed up with Haynes Manuals to transport dads back to their youth. The 1:43 scale models come with their own individual 36 page Haynes manual, so that dads can read up on all the facts and figures for their chosen car.

And that's not all. Because the final #FathersDay #Festival giveaway is this fantastic Kodak Pulse Digital 10 inch Photo Frame which retails for £129.99!
This amazing piece of technology is choc-full of fabulous features - such as the ability to connect to pictures on Facebook - but also makes the perfect gift as it's so easy to set up - no software required.  Here's the spec:

  • Full touchscreen in 7-inch or 10-inch high-quality display featuring KODAK Color Science and LED backlighting
  • Quick Comment button lets you communicate back to picture senders directly
  • Built-in activity sensor and ENERGY STAR qualified
  • Create a playlist of your favorite pictures
  • Rotate pictures on the screen with just a touch
  • Store up to 4000* pictures with 512 MB of internal memory

To have a chance of winning this or any one of today's amazing prizes (and with four to choose from, the odds have got to be good) you have to do something a little different today. And yes, I'm being cheeky. Because this #FathersDay #Festival malarky is all in honour of this after all:

And I'd quite like to get the word out there as much as possible. So... here are the ways you can enter:

Option 1: You can tweet about it, linking to Amazon and the Need2Know website;
Option 2: 'Like' the book on the Amazon website;
Option 2: Post a link to my book on your Facebook page, again using the links above, or
Option 3: Actually buy a copy of the book (I know - the very thought!)

Leave me a comment to let me know which option you've chosen, and - as you've already seen - Charlie'll do the rest. All that remains for me is to thank all the people who've generously provided this week's prizes and to thank you for reading and - in many cases - entering.

And tomorrow, if you are one, Happy Father's Day!

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