Thursday, 2 June 2011

CBeebies Bedtime Hour

So, what do you think of the new CBeebies bedtime hour? Don't tell me you didn't notice!

Starting last night, Waybaloo is no more; 64 Zoo Lane is restored to its rightful place and In the Night Garden is retained. Personally, I think it could only have been improved by the return of Story Makers and I said as much (politely) on the CBeebies website when the news was announced. But my comment was mysteriously moderated out of existence 24 hours later. I received a rather Stalin-esque email informing me I'd broken some rule or other but they didn't say which one. I didn't swear; I wasn't rude about Waybaloo (and I could have been); I didn't even include a link back to my book on Amazon, still less give it a plug.  (Mind you, it is a snip at just £7.24 and the perfect gift for Father's Day!)

Anyway, in the interests of free speech I thought I'd reprise my opinion here, on my own blog, where big brother BBC can't get me. I like the new line-up. Didn't see much of that grinning fool Alex last night either, just the serene Makka-Pakka lookalike Ceri Burnell doing mystical (and clearly pre-recorded) links. And then there was Charlie Higson reading the bedtime story! And not once did he mention the drainage in the lower field. So all in all it was a great success. And as I said, in the absence of Story-Makers it probably couldn't get much better as far as we're concerned.

But what would be your ideal bedtime line-up? I'm happy kicking off with Charlie and Lola but I do think Brian Cant should be in charge of the proceedings. Which programmes would you choose? And who would you have presenting them? Be as creative and outspoken as you want. Here's your chance to be your own CBeebies fat controller. Think outside the box. So what if Thomas is currently on Milkshake? I promise I won't (unlike the BBC) delete your comments.

Unless, that is, you demand the return of that infernal nonsense Waybaloo, of course.
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