Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Thunderbirds are go!

Amazing. Everyone else is singing 'Can we fix it?', 'They're two, they're four, they're six, they're eight' and 'C'mon Roary, one more lap' and my little boy is almost constantly singing, 'dud-dudle-uh, dud-ud-ud-ud dud dudle ud dud duh...' which - in case you haven't guessed - is the theme to Thunderbirds.

Now I like Thunderbirds. I love that theme. Personally, I think Kate and Will should have marched down the Abbey aisle to it last Friday. It's every bit the equal of Crown Imperial. But why is a three-year-old who has never seen the programme, in either its 'super-marionation' incarnation (super-marionation, I ask you! What was super about Parker bouncing along with his hands in front of him? Or Lady Penelope's rictus grin? And you could always - always - see the strings) or the Hollywood blockbuster celluloid version of 2004 suddenly doing going Thunderbirds crazy?

Well, I'll tell you the story. It happened - like these things have a habit of doing - at nursery. They've got a Thunderbird Four there, and Charlie's taken quite a shine to it. He hasn't reached the stage yet of surreptitiously slipping it into his pocket at home time, but I'm sure it'll happen. Anyway, he mentioned this in passing one day: you know, the 'what did you do at nursery today?' conversation. 'I played with Thunderbird Four' he replies. And I do a double-take, simultaneously interrogating him about his newly acquired knowledge of Thunderbirds vehicles while at the same time having a Proustian madeleine moment as I'm transported back to Thursday tea-time, after school (about 4.20pm if I remember rightly) kneeling in front of the telly and watching this...

Oh yes. Thuderbirds are go alright. But have you seen the price of the toys? Cheapest I can find is forty quid, and I'm not paying that even if it does come in the original Dinky box. No. So tune it on Thursday, when we'll be making our own Thunderbird Two, complete with detachable pod and - you've guessed it - Thunderbird Four



  1. Head over to you YouTube and dig out Blue Peter's How To Make Tracey Island!

  2. You are joking Steve, aren't you? Send me the link!!

  3. Love it and love a little bit of indivualism. Our current favourite is Viva Las Vegas.....!!

  4. That's certainly individual Polly!

  5. Here's part one:
    and two:

    We were lucky enough to have a set passed on to us, Tracy Island with Thunderbirds 1-5. That was a few months back. It's much loved and very much the worse for wear!

  6. F.A.B John! Fantastic. That'll be our next project. And how unbelievably lucky is that! We were at a friends house recently and they got out a box of their children's old toys and there was a perfect Thunderbird 2 plus pod and Thunderbird 4. We had to frisk Charlie before he was allowed to leave!

  7. Bless. My youngest daughter used to be into the Thunderbirds vehicles that we aquired through many months riffling through Charity Shop toy sections.

    You'd be amazed what you can pick up.

    Herding Cats x

  8. I've begun tentatively searching the charity shops PR, but so far to no avail. But I'm going to keep looking. As well as making...

  9. Here you go - knock yourself out! http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=tracy%20island%20blue%20peter&search=Search&sa=X&oi=spell&resnum=0&spell=1

  10. I remember when my eldest was little and watching how to make that island thingy on Blue Peter (I wasn't into Thunderbirds can you tell?). Never did make one though. I'm a bad mum lol

  11. Oh will do, Steve, will do... mind you, can't promise you I'll have it done for Thursday!

    No, I think 'island thingy' is a perfectly accurate description, OHM. I'm sure the original made by Gerry Anderson wasn't very different. And Tracey island always sounded lacking in inspiration, I thought.


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