Friday, 13 May 2011

Psychology Friday... Revision!

Didn't I tell you there was going to be a test? Are you sure I didn't? Well, how remiss of me. But there's no escaping it now. You're entered for the exam, and it's now but just a few short weeks away. And as part of your revision, I can't recommend this book highly enough:

For a start, it's organised in such a way as to mirror certain features of learning. Because, strange as it may seem,  our brains aren't really wired up for words, in lines, on paper. Given that our brains have been around for about 150,000 years and writing - in any form - has been around for a mere 5,000 years that's not difficult to believe. That bio-computer housed in our skull has evolved to help us survive in just about any set of circumstances imaginable: to hunt; to avoid being hunted; to pass on our 'immortal' genes. But it hasn't - yet - evolved to learn from books. It's an unnatural activity, which is probably why so many people find it so difficult. And it takes a lot of effort - more than is strictly necessary - because of the way we force ourselves to do it.

Not with these books. For a start, there's plenty of colour - the brain likes colour - and the words are limited to those that are essential (key words) and there are plenty of pictures and diagrams. They're neatly divided into easily-studied sections too, so that you can take those essential brain-breaks as regularly as necessary (which is roughly every twenty minutes). Furthermore, they're easily affordable - especially if you can persuade your teacher to order them direct through school as their are some very generous discounts to be had.

So there's no excuse really. You've still got to revise, of course. But with these guides - and they do them in a huge range of subjects - your revision will be easier, more enjoyable and probably more effective.

I'd wish everyone with exams in the next few weeks 'good luck'. But if you revise smarter - not harder - you won't need luck. And you'll do better!

But good luck anyway.


  1. Thanks for this, Tim. Is there a similar book for A2 Psychology as well? My son's girlfriend could do with one...Have a great weekend. Ciao. A.

  2. Yes, they most certainly do Antonella. And they're equally good - if not better!

  3. So true Tim, I spend so much time reading and researching that making mindmaps is my default now. Though nothing beats the joy of ticking of a list made of lines of to do's...


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