Wednesday, 11 May 2011


A chance walk through a local wood and a tiny bridge over a stream has opened up a whole new world of imaginative and literary possibilities. Charlie knew of Winnie the Pooh; the collected tales sit on his shelves; I might even have subjected him to my all-time favourite audio version, as read by Alan Bennett. But we'd not really 'done' A.A.Milne, not seriously. Until now. Because this bridge, and the stream that flowed beneath, demanded that we play a game of Pooh-sticks...

Pooh-sticks, you'll remember, was the game invented by Pooh at the point where the river had ceased worrying whether it was going to get there or not, but just meandered along lazily not really caring. If you don't remember or if - heaven forfend - you've never come across the stories there's a wonderful opportunity to re-acquaint yourselves with them, thanks to Fairy. Because between now and the end of May, they've giving away one of three Winnie the Pooh audio books with these special packs:

And that's not all. Because the team behind this latest promotion have also decided to give away a fantastic personalised toy box stuffed full of Fairy and Winnie-the-Pooh goodies to one lucky reader of Bringing up Charlie. In addition to the three audio books, this treasure chest contains one of each of the following Fairy products: Fabric Softener; Non Bio Gel; a special Fairy blanket and a Winnie the Pooh cuddly toy.

It's like the Generation Game, only better. Because to enter - you don't have to remember any of the prizes just, well...

Well normally, you just have to leave a comment. But that seems a bit too easy. After all, quite apart from what's in the box, the box itself will prove invaluable when it's time to tidy away your children's toys. It's sturdy, roomy and has one of those clever 'soft' hinges so that the lid doesn't close with a finger-trapping bang. They've thought of everything. And if you'd like to win it - as well as what's inside - you'll not only need to leave a comment but tweet about it too. Oh, and click my 'Follow' button if you haven't done already. Oh yes, and buy a book from Dotterel Press. And buy me a drink (mine's a pint, remember?) next time you see me.

No, seriously, any - or all - of the above (apart, maybe, from the drink - although I'll not refuse if I see you at the bar at Cybermummy!) will secure you one entry (just make sure you let me know which entries - other than comments - are yours) and the draw will be made by Charlie this coming Saturday.

Good luck!


  1. Oh what a great prize!

    We love Pooh too :0)

    I'll RT your tweet and of course I already follow you on Twitter.

    I'll also buy you a pint at Cybermummy if you ask nicely x


  2. @Brilliant prize.

    Everyone loves Pooh Silly old bear

    I have re tweeted.


  3. Can you count things retrospectively? I follow you on Twitter and bought Writing Therapy, does that mean I get three entries?! :-P

    (don't worry, I won't be miffed if the answer is no)

  4. I love Winnie-the-Pooh too - a classic that I hope will transcend many more generations. And Poohsticks: the best way to while away time on a walk in the country.

    I'm getting all nostalgic!

    Btw- please don't consider this an entry: there are others who would appreciate the prize a lot more, so I bow out. I merely wanted to register my appreciation of the bear of very little brain...

  5. I follow on GFC, I tweeted @susankmann and I even bought another copy of Tiny Acorns while I was on. My 2 year old would love this. x

  6. Ooh yes please! Will tweet as lakessinglemum :-) sure I follow already!

  7. I've been to the real Pooh Bridge - in Ashdown Forest (great times we're had)


  8. I'm not entering for myself but for my friend's daughter whose is a single mother and would love to receive those goodies for our lovely baby Harry! But please do not ask me to twitter! I hate twitter deeply. I don't get it at all. But I can buy you a drink wherever we will will ever meet. And with regard to buying a book, I've just remembered that I sent you a cheque for Tiny Acorn before Xmas but just checked and it has not been cashed. Didn't you get it? Ciao. A

  9. I won't enter as I'm not a Brit, but I do love a good game of Pooh Sticks in any case! Long live Winnie!

  10. I left a comment here yesterday but it has disappeared. Please include me (and baby Harry) in your draw! I'm sending you another cheque for Tony Acorns. Ciao. A.

  11. Please enter me
    Have tweeted @anna8301

  12. Is there still time to enter? Fairy is the only brand we can use, my daughter has eczema and is allergic to all of the others. Great prize! Will tweet it too x

  13. Love pooh, love pooh sticks, we play frequently.Have just brought Writing Therapy - sounds right up my street, and off to tweet now.

  14. Lovely competition! Am following via GFC :) Have also tweeted -

  15. Oh I used to love Winnie the Pooh!
    Lovely post too, am following you on Twitter as I type!

  16. I love Pooh!

    Already follow you on twitter & have tweeted as you know (gave up on my phone and logged in downstairs!)

  17. Ooooh what a fabulous prize! I could do with a sturdy box like that to throw Chick's toys in! Will def buy you a drink at CyberMummy too! Have tweeted @AdventuresEM!

  18. I already follow you and will tweet now. I *may* even buy you a drink at cybermummy!

  19. I follow with gfc and will tweet now too as @ashlallan

    great giveaway!

  20. I'm following on GFC & tweeted as @ericahughes

  21. please enter me

    @marzutek on twitter


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