Thursday, 26 May 2011

Identity Crisis

Ok, I admit it. I'm going through something of an identity crisis. A blogging identity crisis. I'm not entirely sure what I 'am' anymore. Parent-blogger? Product-reviewer? Badly-paid author? (My last PLR payment - that's the small sum you get for people borrowing your books from public libraries - was a mere £2.10 in case you think I'm exaggerating.)

I know I'm not alone in this. Ever since the Royal Wedding, Charlie's been labouring under the misapprehension that throwing a muslin square over his head transforms him into Kate Middleton, mid-ceremony. I then have to stand in for Prince William - vows, rings and balcony kissing - while we re-enact the occasion. (Incidentally, sir, if you're reading this and ever find you do need somebody to stand in for you, I'd be happy to add 'consort to Her Royal Loveliness the Duchess of Cambridge' to the list of my identities.)

But I digress. This blog has evolved over time from an on-line diary of doing something different (giving up work, bringing up Charlie) to a rag-bag of all sorts of things from book reviews, political rants, psychology lessons, musical interludes, Mr Maker moments and many a cri de coeur as well as the ubiquitous reflections on children and childcare.

But does what you do define who you are? Because if it does, I'm no longer sure who I am. Or what this blog is about. I need help.

But where do you turn in a moment of existential blogging crisis?


You, dear reader.

If you've made it this far, thanks for reading. And if you do it often, may I ask you a simple question - why? What do you expect to find here? And does it meet with your expectations? And if you're new here, is this what you're looking for? Will you be back?

I hope so, of course. Because ultimately, whatever blogging pigeon-hole we might find ourselves in, it's all about engagement, isn't it? Being a parent is probably the most important thing many of us will ever do. But is it who we are?

Should a so-called parent blog be exclusively about parenting, the parent, or both?
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