Monday, 9 May 2011

Home town

If you've ever wondered where I live, here's a film about it. It's astonishing how little seems to have changed. That windmill still works; I see it daily from my study window. And that church - that's where we got married. People still come from 'outside' to help with the harvest and - now as then - many of them stay. This short film is achingly nostalgic, and I hope you enjoy it.

Country Town (1943) from British Council on Vimeo.


  1. I see the doctor has a housekeeper. I want one of those, please!

    Lovely video - the market doesn't look much different. Interesting he says now you see some 'strange faces': so similar today with the new crop of migrants.

  2. Plus ca change, eh Trish. And if you get a housekeeper, I want a house! Bet the schoolmaster lived above the shop seventy years ago.

  3. Lovely. Has made me come over all wistful for days gone by.

  4. Sweet. They don't make 'em like that anymore

  5. Me too, Steve, me too.

    And they certainly don't Jenny... although this one is remarkably well preserved.

    Thanks Antonio!

  6. Fantastic to see how Boston looked almost 70 years ago. Shame I can't see my house though :-)

  7. My granny used to live in Chapel Hill near Coningsby and we would go shopping on Saturdays to Boston. No, it hasn't changed much has it?

  8. One of the new ones is it, John? Have you tried looking from the top of the Stump? I reckon you can see most of Boston from there.

    Wow, what a small world Katy! It's possible your granny could've been on that film.


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