Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Boob job

You've got to love Twitter, haven't you? Within minutes of my despairing tweet this morning about Eloise's refusal - point blank - to take a bottle I had a whole raft of suggestions, mostly helpful, many practical and at least one that was downright laughable, including:

To get to the point, we'll try them all (well, maybe not the last one) until we find something that works. We can't really complain about Eloise's feeding habits though. She took to the breast within minutes of her birth and seems to have had no problems feeding ever since. Maybe that's the reason something artificial, like a bottle, seems so wrong to her? Whatever the cause, we've got to find a solution - and soon. And preferably one that stops short of radical surgery.

After all, I could never have a boob job.

I haven't got the bottle... unlike her!

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