Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Party Political Broadcast

It seems awfully self-serving to have a vote about voting, but that's what we'll be doing in a few days time. And if you need some help sorting out your AV from your elbow, this might help:

Personally, I'm not sure I approve of AV but neither do I think a system in which more people can (and often do) vote against the winning candidate is particularly fair. Mind you, I also think you can have too much of a good thing, and mockracy's a pretty good example. I want to vote for someone who I know will do something, and who - if they don't - I can then vote out. I don't want a mass talking shop of people who like nothing better than the sound of their own voices in the council chamber, and who then constantly blame each other for what doesn't get done. Professional politicians (and I include in that number all those who might not draw salaries but do claim exorbitant expenses) shouldn't be paid by the likes of you and I to indulge themselves in their peculiar hobby. It's not voting that's at fault, it's who we're voting for.

Mind you, that's one thing I WILL most certainly be doing. Voting. Even if there's no-one and nothing worth voting for, I'll wander to the polling station and exercise my franchise. I'm too conscious of those who fought and died for the right, those who still do and those to whom it's denied to let a mere trifle like a walk to the polling station and a list of candidates who in any other circumstances would be unelectable to put me off.

Monster Raving Loony Party, anybody?
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