Saturday, 2 April 2011

Members of the jury...

... have you reached a verdict on which you are all agreed?

Actually, I haven't got a clue. No. Not about my fellow QuantuMatic jurors anyway. They're all still out as far as I can tell from reading their blogs. But me? I think I've come to a conclusion.

First though, some history. Did you know that the dishwasher was invented by an American socialite called Josephine Cochrane? Neither did I. I learnt that watching 'Nina and the Neurons' the other day. I also learnt that she didn't really need a dishwasher - she had servants for that sort of thing. But they used to chip her best china. And Mrs C had lots and lots of dinner parties. Hence, the dishwasher.

We were also told how the machine works. It's the pressure of the water that makes the arms spin round, for instance, and it's water that knocks open that little door where you put your detergent (if, that is, you're not using the QuantuMatic).

As far as I can tell, Nina and her team didn't say much about detergent. Nina did say something about warm, soapy water but what I wanted to know was how - or indeed if - the soap you put inside in the form of tablets or powder gets into the water stream to clean the pots. With the QuantuMatic, at least I know that as soon as the water starts to flow, the detergent is getting to work. And get to work it does; there's no doubt it does what it says on the tin, or rather, the plastic box.

Whether the detergent is better, or it's the design of the dispenser, I'm not qualified to say. But it gets the pots clean every time. And if you want the convenience of just stacking dishes, shutting the door and turning it on (and not worrying about anything for twelve further washes) then QuantuMatic is definitely for you. But is it worth the money?

At £9.99 initially, then £7.99 for refill packs it isn't cheap; you can get a lot of budget tablets for that. But you might find yourself having to re-wash a few things afterwards, especially if - like me - you always cram as much in as you can. And I can honestly say that's something I didn't have to do during the QuantuMatic trial. So, the verdict? Well, it's a split decision: I can't fault the product, but the price takes it into another bracket and you'd have to believe it was worth it for the convenience of being able to shut the door and forget about it,. Which, actually, amounts to a pretty good reason to buy it.

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