Saturday, 12 February 2011

Saturday review: and the winner is...

I seem to have been lucky enough to host a fair few competitions and giveaways recently. And there's another one today. But first, we'd better sort out who's won what from the last couple of competitions. The five winners of a pair of tickets each to the Baby Show this Friday are:

Kanga Rue
Emma Button (Jumblymummy)
Sian C
Helen S-J (Welshy in Lincoln)
and a fellow stay-at-home dad who goes by the name of PeeKay!

STOP PRESS! Since making the draw and notifying the winners two of them have had to drop out, which means Leo Hayden and Marina C - you shall go to the Ball. Well, the Baby Show next Friday. Email me your details ( and I'll get things sorted.

Congratulations, and I hope you all have a splendid time. Tell me all about it!

Next, the lucky winner of £60-worth of Boden's voucher...

And the winner is...

Jenny, or @gingerbread_mum. Well done Jenny!

If you didn't win, well - commiserations. Neither did I, if it's any consolation. Not that I'd enter my own competition, just that - well - I get neither of these goodies myself, not that I'm complaining. Oh, and I didn't do the picking, either. This little Random Number Generator did the job. So blame him!

And don't be downhearted. Because you could just be in line to win not one, but 8 boxes of cereal consisting of one box each of:
Honey Shredded Wheat
Fruitful Shredded Wheat
Honey Oats and More
Golden Nuggets
Superfruity Strawberry
Superfruity Blackberry

Oh yes. That's about £25 worth of cereal, thanks to the people at Team Whole Grain. What they want you to do is make this:

Only joking! (Well, you can if you want to. In fact, you can make any one of a number of great cereal spectaculars if you have a look here.) From Cheerios Valentine heart-shaped lollipops to Welsh Sheep to scale models of London landmarks, you can do much more with breakfast cereal than merely eating it. Although you can do that as well, of course. And - if it's whole-grain - you'll know that it's a whole lot healthier. (Hey, I should be in advertising or PR! Anyone out there need someone new on their team?) If you want to enter, leave a comment below or tweet this post. The closing date is Wednesday 16th February.

Finally, a review. And a rather special one. The anthology, Figures of Speech has been created by patients at the Snowsfield Adolescent Unit, part of the South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust. It's a remarkable collection of poetry, images and sounds made by teenage patients during their admission. As Dr Richard Corrigall (Consultant Psychiatrist) says, "At Snowsfield, we try to tailor treatments to fit the individual needs of young people. We use creative therapies including art, drama and music to compliment more formal approaches like cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and medication.'

And Clive Niall, the teacher who initiated and co-ordinated to project says:

Everyone involved in the project took creative risks.  The young people working on this project are in hospital and very vulnerable, so the project was only made possible by establishing trust between everyone involved.  We saw how young peoples’ self-esteem blossomed.  They shared the work in two memorable performances across the hospital.  The international visual artist, Anish Kapoor agreed to have some of his work used on the cover.”

There are a limted number of copies of the anthology still available. Contact for more information. And to find out more about the work of Snowsfield Adolescent Unit, visit:
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