Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Let's get passionate!

It's the BMB Carnival everybody, and the theme today is... passion. Not in the Romeo and Juliet sense, but the kind of thing that inspires you and gets you going. (Actually...)

But no. There have been some really wonderful entries this time, starting with this one from Carol 'New Mummy' Smith. She and I share a passion for music, and here's her post about what live gigs mean to her: My Passion.

Miss Lizzie's passion is woodland, the wild forests the government are at present planning to sell off. In fact, there's a link to the 'Save our Forests' petition on this post, but in the meantime, lets join Miss Lizzie and her family as they got searching for the Gruffalo in A walk on the wild side.

Purpletrumpet describes herself in her blogger profile as 'passionate' (amongst other things) which immediately qualifies for inclusion in the carnival. But in this post she describes a specific passion, for Words which surely most of us share.

Meanwhile Brink of Bedlam has A Passion to Make it Work which is also an entry for a blogging competition about, you've guessed it, passion. Seems it's catching! Incidentally, she is also committed to donating the £250 prize to the RNLI so when you've had a read, do give her vote.

I suppose one passion many of us have in common is blogging. But do 'mummy bloggers' share any other similarities? Becky Goddard-Hill investigates in her post, What do mummy bloggers have in common? while Hayley is creating her own Blogger Map of the World. Meanwhile Ella hits the passion theme firmly on the head when she declares that she was Born to Make a Difference. Which, of course, we all are; all of us that are parents, certainly. For what greater source of passionate commitment can there be than to bring up our children healthy, happy and wise? But it ain't easy, of course, as Her Melness tells us. Mind you, neither is blogging - especially if you've Lost Your Mojo as Jax admits she has just recently.

Cheese is a word seldom used in the same sentence as 'passion', at least as far as I'm concerned. But then, I have instant access to the wonderful range of British cheeses so hard to find in the domicile of Very Bored in Catalunya. That's something I ought to be grateful for, and there's a whole lot more reasons to be cheerful in Mummy From the Heart's post, which is part of a series every Friday. And there are more blessings being counted (as well as passions enumerated) in Pippa's Passionate Post.

Finally, a late entrant thanks (I'm told) to a mistyped email address on the BMB page: no-one could fail to know of Maggie Woodley's crafty passion, and this Red Ted Art guest-post deals with the things you might create out of what's lurking at the back of that old desk drawer. And if you've got a passionate post I haven't received yet (for similar reasons) never fear: you can join in the fun by leaving your link in the comments box below. And thanks to everyone for such splendid contributions.

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