Tuesday, 25 January 2011

What Matt Dawson has for breakfast

Becoming something of a theme this, isn't it? I promise - after today - I'll shut up about it but I can't leave the subject of breakfast without telling you what World Cup winning Question of Sport captain and celebrity masterchef Matt Dawson has, or that he says it hasn't changed much since hanging up his rugby boots.

But first, this...

And take a look at this!

We were at the launch of 'Team Wholegrain' last Thursday, being shown some spectacular cereal sculptures as well as rubbing shoulders with the likes of Matt and Zoe Ball. Far from being a monumental invitation to toddlers to mess about with their breakfasts, Team Wholegrain is actually about persuading the public of the nutritional value of whole grain cereal - which means, you guessed it, cereal with all three parts of the grain included. Not just a bit of it. The lot. So you get all the goodness.

And it is good. The US the government recommends that everyone eats at least three portions of wholegrain food per day. The benefits are a healthier heart, better digestion and weight control to name but three. But 9 out of 10 of us don't manage three a day, many don't even manage three a week and 30% don't get any at all.

But not Matt Dawson. And so what does Matt Dawson eat for breakfast. Bacon and eggs? Pancakes with maple syrup? Butter croissant dripping with honey, maybe? Well, no. He told me he'd always eaten well and that most days begin with something like Shredded Wheat and fruit juice, followed by some wholemeal bread and maybe a banana. No wonder he looks so healthy.

Bet he doesn't count red wine as one of his five-a-day either.
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