Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Hovis wholemeal challenge

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Just before Christmas I was invited to take part in a challenge: a breakfast challenge. Hovis sent a couple of their wholemeal loaves, a few other choice ingredients, some interesting recipes and a request that I try them out for a couple of weeks at breakfast. So far, so good. I'm hardly the world's greatest cereal muncher; in fact, I hate the stuff. I'd happily never again pour milk on a bowl of soggy raffle tickets if I could get away with it. But I can't. Because I don't always have the time to rustle up the full Ulster fry. Or the arteries.

But breakfast is the most important meal of the day. That much is true, and I can prove it. There's a very easy psychological experiment you can do which demonstrates with total certainly who in the class has had breakfast and who hasn't. It involves counting a flashing light. Yes, it's that simple. If you've eaten properly, you see better. Bear that in mind if you're in the habit of early morning driving.

But I digress. Where was I? Oh yes, eating breakfast - breakfast involving Hovis wholemeal bread, to be precise. Anyway, having eaten of the loaf that is Hovis I was required then to go through the day as normal and report back each evening detailing what if any snacks I'd eaten mid-morning. (You can have a go at the challenge yourself on the facebook page.) Now if I'd been eating cereal, the mid-morning biscuit barrel would've been depleted. But - surprise, surprise - eating a decent breakfast really did keep me going longer.

You might remember, I've been on a breakfast quest before. I've been on the look-out for something to eat first thing in a morning, something to keep me going, something to stop me snacking, for the best part oftwo years. Have I found it? Well, quite possibly. Because - despite having the choice of fruity yoghurt toast...
Grilled flat mushrooms with poached egg or grilled tomatoes and cream cheese - all on toast, of course - my favourite and most filling of the breakfast recipes was (and still is) the humble boiled egg and toast fingers.

She was right, you know, all those years ago, was Fay Weldon. We should go to work on an egg.  
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