Monday, 17 January 2011

Blue Monday

What's that? I hear you cry. Well, there are a number of answers number one of which is - today. Yes, the third Monday in January is when - by virtue of a rather dubious mathematical formula - it has been calculated that the nation is at its gloomiest. We're well past Christmas; spring hasn't yet sprung and as for those new year resolutions, well... let's not go there shall we? The morning's are dark, the evening aren't noticeably lighter, the weather's rotten and there's nothing - nothing - on the television.

Faced with such overwhelmingly negative odds you've got few options. Go back to bed and forget all about it, or fight it. There are any number of helpful suggestions in this morning's 'papers, including singing, flirting, dancing and eating chocolate, any one of which seems like a good idea to me. But just in case you find that list a bit unsuitable, allow me to present a few alternatives...

Number One: Throw a party!

That's what we did, at the weekend. There was a pirate theme with 'yo ho ho' games, pieces of cake (a Treasure Chest courtesy of Party Times and some lovely cup-cakes from Digital Outlook) and the equivilent of a bottle of rum for the grown ups (home mixed dry martini courtesy of, well... me). You could even make it fancy dress if you like. Arrrr!

Next, play the drums. I'm sure it'll make you feel better (although I can't promise the same effect on those in the immediate vicinity).  This little punch-packing pressie came to Charlie for his birthday from his Uncle Rob. Not sure what we've done to upset him, but it must be serious...

At the very least you could make sure you start the day with a really decent breakfast. The Hovis Wholemeal challenge is still running. My own favourite (as I said here) was the good ol' boiled egg and tasty toast fingers, but there are any number of suggestions to get you going in a morning and to stop you snacking.

Finally, why not listen to some music. Blue Monday isn't just the most depressing day in the calendar. It's also the title of the biggest selling twelve-inch single of all time, by the well-known beat combo New Order. And if this doesn't make you feel better (or nostalgic for the nineteen-eighties) I don't know what will...

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