Saturday, 18 December 2010

Saturday review

At the nativity play... Ok, so Charlie was the only king. Kings are expensive; times are hard. And yes, there may have been a few more Mary's than were strictly necessary. (Resist the obvious comment please!) But there was certainly a host of angels, and a veritable hoard (or 'pen' maybe, or even crook - what is the collective noun?) of shepherds. And of course there were tears, there was laughter and a story so familiar, and yet still fresh every year.

In other news I've been sent quite possibly the best book I've seen all year. As some of you know, I now earn a modest part-time living teaching psychology. The machinations of the human mind have always fascinated me, and I'm renewing my acquaintance with the subject after many years. The great bio-computer we all carry about in our skulls is quite possibly the greatest thing in the universe, and this amazing, fascinating and entertaining American book introduces kids to their greatest piece of hardware. Your 21st Century Brain (Michael A. DiSpezio & Rob Desalle) contains brain games, activities and fascinating facts and is available on Amazon for just over £6. A bargain!

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