Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Octonauts, let's do this!

You've got to love a children's TV programme that can teach a two year old the word - and concept - symbiosis. Charlie's taken to this relatively recent addition to the CBeebies schedule with alacrity; we seldom watch anything else these days. And although - to date - I've rather been immune to the charms of Captain Barnacles and his crew, I still went Christmas shopping for some Octonaut merchandise the other day because I know - I can predict with the utmost certainty - that there would be a beam on his little face as shiny as the sun if Charlie were to unwrap a smart Gup C or if he were to come across Captain Barnacles in his Christmas stocking.

But do you know what? Nothing, nadda, nyet, nought. Maybe they weren't sure how it would go down in the UK? (I'm pretty sure that it's an American import and that the voices are dubbed.) But what a missed opportunity? Anyway, if like me you've got a little boy who wants - nay, needs - his very own Gup C, you're in the right place today. Because in the very best Blue Peter tradition, I'm going to show you how to make one. And there won't be a single sheet of sticky-backed plastic.

What you will need is a couple of empty plastic juice bottles (mine are courtesy of a Mr Asda who I believe might have a corner shop in your neck of the woods) but anything similar would do.

First, remove the domed tops thus...

Next, stick the two halves together...

I used Sellotape but they could be glued just as easily. Now for the paint work. Be sure to leave a quarter of the plastic clear: this will be the Gup C's windscreen.

Finally, print off a picture of the intrepid Octonauts (Peso, Quarsi and Captain Barnacles), colour in and insert into the bottle top... Et voilĂ !

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