Sunday, 24 October 2010

Sunday supplement

First, congratulations to newly-weds John and Helen. We were at their wedding yesterday in the spectacular setting of Bridlington Priory and it was a lovely occasion. The choir sang (as did the congregation, which doesn't always happen at weddings these days); vows were exchanged; prayers offered and - our case at least - breath was caught. Because we nearly didn't make it. Yes, we nearly missed all this...

And you can hardly miss a church this size can you, but we almost did!

I'm blaming Shell. You see, we stopped at one of their filling stations go fill up our (diesel) car with fuel. Confronted by an array of pumps and a bewildering amount of choice (oh, for ASDA and its simple green and black hoses) we actually discussed which one we needed, so keen were we not to be conned into paying an extra 5p per litre for some super V option or whatever. Anyway, I appear to have chosen the expensive option - the most expensive option ever and our car is now awaiting serious (and expensive) attention at a garage. Gotta thank the boys to trust at Kwik-Fit Beverley, though, who were as helpful as could be given that the job was beyond the scope of their operations. And the AA (via ToyotaCare) who came within an hour to escort the car to a place of safety. And my dad who did the same for us. I wasn't quite singing Alfred Doolittle down the 'phone, but he did get us to the church on time. Thanks dad!

I'm not sure they deal with that kind of thing in two parenting books that I've recently been sent...

But in every other way they're both very useful additions to the parenting bookshelves. The New Father's Survival Guide (Ryland Peters and Small £8.99) even contains tips on how to make a bow-and-arrow, while Baby's Here (Grandma's Stories, £9.99) helps new parents with the 'who does what?' of a relationship. As far as I can tell, neither has a chapter on coming to the aid of grown-up sons who really should know better than to put the wrong fuel in their cars, but maybe some things can't be taught. And after all, you never stop being a parent, do you?
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