Thursday, 21 October 2010

Look(ing) North

Now, I know what you're thinking. That Dotterel fellow... getting a bit above himself, isn't he? First radio, now telly. And tomorrow, more radio. Proper meedja slebrity an' all that... in his dreams. Well yes, actually. I mean, the bit about my dreams. Or maybe nightmares. Since getting the call yesterday asking if I'd like to be interviewed for our local BBC Yorkshire and Lincolnshire evening news programme it's been on my mind, waking and sleeping, and I'm sure explains last night's fitful rest. But no matter.

It's all been very pleasant, makes a change from the normal routine and Charlie's loved every minute. Not sure Amanda Thomson felt the same, but hey! He had a great time this morning pretending to be the cameraman. In between bouts of introducing each of his toys to the Look North viewers, that is. And I got to spout a bit about the blog, the MADs awards and life as a dad in what's still, round here, a woman's world.

The thing is, when I started this blog just over a couple of years ago I was firmly convinced it was going to be a minority interest. I'd written a novel that was just about to be published; I'd got a work-from-home job writing primary school text-books that I could fit in around looking after Charlie and I had high hopes - while he had an afternoon nap - of finishing any of the several other books I'd begun to write at one time or another. And I'll let you into a secret: Bringing up Charlie was my 'second' blog, the one I thought would be my online diary, the one I thought would keep far-flung relatives up-to-date with Charlie's progress, the one I thought would be a nice little way to keep a record of my years as a stay-at-home dad. I had another blog, back then. One linked to a work of fiction I was writing. One I was convinced would become a blogging sensation. Only it didn't. And I not only found that writing a parenting blog was more interesting, I found other people were actually reading. I pretty soon gave up on the 'other' blog, and at pretty much the same time the parent-blogging world began to take off and I was getting PR requests to review stuff, invitations to attend press launches and generally more opportunities to have a good time (at someone else's expense!) than I'd ever had in twenty years of being a school-teacher.

In my Walter Mitty moments, I sometimes think it would be quite nice being a 'proper' journalist and working for the telly or a radio show. But then, it ain't all that it's cracked up to be, is it Amanda? A sudden drop in temperature and you end-up blow-drying your TV camera.

Oh well. Let's hope that it was worth it. You can judge for yourself on BBC One (Yorks/Lincs) tomorrow, or worldwide on Sky channel 977 or Virgin 858 or iPlayer.

I'll be the one behind the sofa.
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