Thursday, 28 October 2010

Deja View

A week ago Charlie and I were entertaining a BBC Look North reporter and preening ourselves at being the centre of a little meedja attention. Pride always comes before a fall, and we were gently reminded of our place in the grand scheme of things first when it appeared that 'news' might knock us off the TV schedules (who'd have thought that? News on a news programme...), then a day or two later when - no doubt still with my head still buzzing with our ninety seconds of fame - I nearly wrecked the engine of our (diesel) car by filling it with unleaded petrol en route to a friends wedding.

Anyway, the item was actually broadcast in all it's brevity last Friday; you might've caught it on iPlayer briefly. But in case you didn't - and as a reminder of how much can change in so small a time - here we are again. Charlie's the one using daddy as a trampoline; I'm the one with the wonky glasses...

And as for the car? Not as bad as I'd feared, fortunately. We're home; it works; we're solvent (just) and those very nice people at Vantage Toyota in Scarborough have even cleaned it inside and out for me. It looks lovely: sparkly and as good as new. Good job chaps. But seriously the most expensive car-wash I've ever been to...
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