Sunday, 26 September 2010

Sunday supplement

First, some music. You've heard him sing before, now listen to him play...

No doubt Sophie Barker and the rest of Zero 7 will be beating a path to our door to recruit Charlie for their next nursery rhymes collection. In the meantime, we've been sent a copy of Toybox plus some instruments to make the whole CD listening thing more interactive. As if he needed any more encouragement.

Actually, Toybox isn't the only nursery-rhyme related entertainment we've been sent just lately. A couple of weeks ago a rather charming DVD called My Favourite Nursery Rhymes arrived, since when it has been on almost constantly. In fact, I blame its popularity on Charlie's new-found ability to turn on the DVD player, load the disc and turn the TV to the relevant channel. Again, nothing if not interactive.

Having something of a love-hate relationship with nursery-rhymes (do you know what some of them mean? Hardly suitable for adults, let alone children...) I must confess to being ever-so-slightly ambivalent about these two items. I've been won over, however, by the sheer charm of the latter... sung by children, with jolly animations, they've proved themselves a real hit with Charlie. Which is exactly as it should be. Toybox, meanwhile, is one of those children's CDs you can actually listen to and enjoy as an adult, thanks to the originality and all-round musicality. Both are highly recommended.

In other news, we were sent some lamb in the post the other day. Not 'Mary had a...' either - real, live (well, not live, obviously) but Welsh lamb steaks plus all the other ingredients for a lamb stir-fry. Here they are, plus the results, just to make you feel hungry.

Having to cater last night for slightly more people than the recipe (and ingredients) suggested, I added a couple of extra bits of lamb bought from a well-known local supermarket. I mention this only by way of pointing out that the Dutchy Originals Welsh version (we had quite a discussion at the dinner table, Sally and I, about Welsh lamb coming from the farm of the Duke of Cornwall, whose husbandry actually occurs in Gloucestershire. but no matter) was considerably better both before and after cooking than the alternative. Which will remain nameless, but arrived via the weekly shop at a small convenience store owned, I believe, by a Mr Wal Mart. Well, Mr Mart, the Prince of Charles gets my vote this time. Sorry.

Anyway, the heir to the throne's lamb was delicious, and the recipe comes from a lovely new book called Cool2Cook2, which has been produced by Meat Promotion Wales (that's Hybu Cig Cymru for all my Welsh readers) to help get kids cooking. So next time, that's exactly what my two'll both be doing.

I mean, why stop at just the dusting?

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