Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Back to school

You know, people tend to think this time of year is all about nervous new pupils, worried parents and reluctant teachers. And it is, of course. But I feel I ought to introduce a fourth category here: the nervous newbie teacher. Especially as that was me this morning: up with the lark, on with a jacket and tie and into the car before eight o'clock; into a staffroom (as a member of staff) for the first time in two years and then - nails nervously bitten - into a classroom. You know, one with pupils in! Hardly the lions den, I know, but as I'm teaching psychology this year I ought to reflect on my own feelings, motivations and thought-processes and although the room was fantastically well-equipped, the girls could not have been nicer nor the staffroom more welcoming, there was a moment as my hand gripped the handle of the classroom door, when I wondered if I could still 'do' it.

Once over the threshold, once into the swing of things, and you're swept away. I didn't get through more than half of the material I'd planned. But teaching is more like performing on-stage than many people realise, and I'm the equivalent of a long out-of-work actor treading the boards again after a lengthy 'rest'. And just like a thespian, within a few minutes the old instincts take over and you're away... ah, the roar of the greasepaint; the smell of the crowd.

And Charlie? Charlie gave me a cheerful wave as the car pulled off and seemed hardly to have noticed I'd been anywhere when I returned home. Which is exactly how it should be.

Now, if I can just control those damned St Trinian's dreams I'll be sorted. 

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