Monday, 9 August 2010

Welcome home!

Yes, we had a lovely time thank-you: the sun shone; the wine flowed; the pool rippled and the food was delicious. I'll tell you all about it later. But first, this:

Yes, a little 'Welcome Home' from our brave officers of law enforcement, less than twenty-four hours after arriving home. Yes, I know the sign says 'Maximum Stay Two Hours' and, yes, we might have overstayed our welcome (outside our own house, I should point out) but...

Is it really the best use of scarce police resources when these kind of things are going on outside our front-room window?

(It's a one-way street, in case you're wondering. And that guy in the second pic had been sitting on a park bench, drinking half the afternoon - in a supposed 'alcohol free zone'!)

If (as somebody suggested) it's a money-spinning exercise (which must have netted Lincs Police a cool £250 for a couple of hours PCSO time this afternoon) then why hasn't Boston Borough Council introduced a much more lucrative residents' permit scheme? It's only ten years since they promised that they would. And every other local authority seems to manage it. (Incidentally, I'm well aware from a decade's worth of correspondence that the role of local and county councils differs; I'm also aware that there are no valid reasons why a permit scheme should not be introduced!)

But just before I go and hit a bottle or two of duty free, take a closer look at that sign...

Any lawyers out there fancy helping me mount a challenge?
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