Sunday, 29 August 2010

Sunday Supplement

In my last post I happened to mention the world's best fish 'n' chip shop, in Bridlington. Well, this being Bank Holiday weekend and all that, I thought it'd be unfair to keep the details to myself and if you're on the East Coast at the moment, you'll probably need to do a spot of comfort eating.
But first, this:

Yes. Pregnancy... for men. After all, no matter how involved we might be, how many classes we attend, how sympathetic we are, we're mere men. As such, the whole pregnancy thing can be a bit of a mystery to us. In fact, you could say that about the whole business of birth and childcare too. You might remember I'm in the middle of writing a book about just that. And 'Pregnancy for Men' by Mark Woods is certainly going on my bibliography. Here are just a few gems...
On morning sickness: ...the Ford Focus of preganacy symptoms: everyone's heard of it, lots of women have it and nobody like it.
On breasts: The fact that your partner's boobs become incredibly sore at the very time they look out of this world is conclusive proof that God has a sense of humour. And is probably a woman.
On calculating due dates: Basically it's a bloody rubbish system that almost always gives us due dates that are too early.
On food cravings: For most women their particular craving causes no real health problems, other than the psychological trauma of being stared at by fellow shoppers as she stuffs 98 courgettes onto the checkout...
And they were selected entirely at random. But far from being facetious, the book is also accurate and informative and highly recommended.

Next, cricket. No, not another match-fixing or spread-betting scandal. If you want to read about that sorry episode, try the News of the World. Not even Test Match cricket, although three cheers should be recorded for Stuart Broad who - as a bowler - seems to have outdone his batsman father in a number of statistical area.  And you've my wife to thank for the fact that young Stuart can find his way to the ground each morning. She taught him geography. But I digress. This is what I mean:

The Scarborough Cricket Festival, my reason for going to Yorkshire last week. There's been one since 1876 and although today's event is a mere shadow of its former glories, the fact that it takes place in Scarborough, the fact that kids go free and the fact that you can take a bat and ball and have a game yourself on the outfield during the intervals is reason enough in my book to make trip.

So, those fish 'n' chips? The best I'd ever had? A 'Golden Years' (no jokes, please!) haddock and chips courtesy of 149 Marton Road, or just '149 Fisheries' or 'Fish and Chips 149'. I suspect it's meant to be a smaller, senior citizens portion but judging by the size we received, the senior citizens of Bridlington must have gargantuan appetites. And you don't have to produce your pension book to get one. And - and I'm speaking from a position of considerable experience here - they really are the best fish 'n' chips in Yorkshire.

Unless, of course, you know different?
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