Monday, 23 August 2010


I don't take much notice of what I wear beneath my trousers (that's 'pants' for any US readers, btw). I couldn't really care less what colour, pattern, label or material I'm wearing as long as it's comfortable, which almost always means, for me, a pair of boxers. I know, I know: too much information. Bear with me (not literally, of course) and you'll soon see where this is going. 
New paragraph. Books. One book in particular: Dinosaurs love Underpants. Here it is...

It's wonderful. And this is not a sponsored post, by the way. No. I bought this book some time ago with my own dwindling supply of money. And it's been sitting unread on Charlie's bookshelf ever since. Until now. 
You see, pants have suddenly risen high up the agenda chez Dotterel, thanks to a summer of reasonably successful potty-training. And the wearing of such nether garments seems to have sparked an interest in the aforementioned book, which has become such a firm favourite I think I could recite it word-for-word if required. But no matter. As I've already said, it's an entertaining book; the pictures are great; it's funny. (Remember, this is not a sponsored post!)
The problem is that the pants we'd bought (so cheap as to be disposable in case of serious 'accidents') which come emblazoned with nee-naws, footballs and all manner of other small-boy attractions have lost something of their allure. Since 'Dinosaurs love Underpants' we've been on a mission: we have to have underpants with dinosaurs on, or I fear all our potty-training efforts will have been in vain. 
But can we find any? Surely there must be someone out there who manufactures pants with pterodactyls on 'em, or briefs with a picture of a brontosaurus? But if there is we've yet to come across them. Maybe the publisher of 'Dinosaurs love Underpants' should consider a product tie-in; there could be an entire range from stegosaurus shorts to T-Rex trunks. 
In the meantime, we'll keep on looking. And while we're out shopping, here are some little-known facts about underwear you might not have ever wanted to know:
  • Bloomers are so-called thanks to one Amelia Jane Bloomer, who found wearing her combinations whilst cycling somewhat retricting and required something a little roomier in the underwear department;
  • The g-string - contrary to popular belief - is not named after the G string on a violin (ouch!) but comes from the native-American word for the strip of leather worn round the waist to support a loin-cloth;
  • 'Knickers' is a contraction of 'Knickerbockers' which was coined by Washington Irving in his book 'History of New York from the Beginning of the World to the End of the Dutch Dynasty by Freidrich Knickerbocker'. Quite how such an outrageous name came to associated with a pair of panties is a mystery;
  • Andy Warhol once used a pair of underpants as a canvas for one of his paintings.  
Enough! We're off to buy some knickers. 
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