Monday, 5 July 2010

Nobody expects...

... the Spanish Inquisition! I certainly didn't. In fact, I was so nonplussed that I totally forgot who'd tagged me (it was Kailexness) and in spite of putting out an APB on twitter I only discovered it again by accident on Friday. Anyway, here's the test set for me by Julie. You can mark my answers.

1. Which (in)famous person (alive or dead) would you like to take out to dinner, where would you go and what would you like to talk about?
Hmmm, difficult. I'd quite like to bring Mozart back from the grave just to ask him how on earth he did it, but he'd probably never tell me. Still, he'd be quite good company. So would Jimi Hendrix if he wasn't stoned. Nelson Mandela's probably getting a bit old for dinner (he's 92 later this month!) and Edward Elgar's no longer able to use his own money, so... I'm going to go for Charlotte Gainsbourg. Possibly. 

2. What is the best gift someone could give you (tangible please)
A vineyard. And the means to harvest, press, ferment and bottle my own wine. Failing that, an apple orchard with the same facilities for making cider. 

3. Where in the world would you most like to live?
Italy. Tuscany, to be precise. That vineyard's Tuscan. I can almost taste the olives. 

4. What do you most enjoy cooking?
This might surprise you (in view of my previous answer) but Italian food. I love the Italian attitude to food as much as anything. And pasta, of course. I love pasta. 

5. What is your favourite Novel?
Why, Writing Therapy of course. (What do you mean you've never heard of it?)

6. You have your own personal Tardis, where do you go first?
Battle of Hastings, 1066 or to be more precise, Bosham harbour. When Guillaume the Corn-curer steps ashore and falls flat on his face (he does - read the history books) I give Harold a hand and make sure he can't get up. Honestly, what have the Norman's ever done for us?

7. How old is the inner you?
Three. And three-quarters. No, about seventeen or thereabouts. I wish I was about to do all that again, I really do. Oh....

8. Theatre or Cinema?

9. Would you be famous, with all that means?

10. You are able to learn anything at all, a skill, a language, whatever, what would it be and why?
A language - Italian. 

Well Julie? Have I passed? Have I Miss? Have I?

Oh well, while I'm waiting to have it marked, I'd better play the game and dream up some questions of my own. Here goes:

1. If Hitler had won, Goebells had none and Franz Joseph was blessed with three, what was the score after extra time after the match had gone to penalties?

2. How is it that a calendar - which had no moving parts - can, unlike a stopped clock, still record the passage of time?

3. Is the King of France bald?

4. Seaside or countryside?

5. Why is the sky blue?

6. Does God exist?

7. What is the meaning of life?

8. Why do flies always find a way through the smallest of gaps even though they've got the entire WORLD to fly around, yet find it impossible to find their way out once they're in your house?

9. Do bees have ears?

10. Are blogs the future?

Give reasons for your answers, and show your workings out @goonerjamie, @cate, @bloggertropolis @cafebebe and @DumDad.

And I want your answers on my desk first thing tomorrow morning. No excuses!
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