Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Carry on Eurocamping

Ok, what Charlie (plus mummy and daddy and Sally) did next. If you don't know what we did first, you'd better start here.

Day Two

Having been asked specifically to look at the site's facilities we thought we'd better give them at least a full day's trial. Thankfully the sun shone and the temperature soared so the day went: walk - pool – lunch – mini-club - 'rickshaw' ride around the campsite – pool – supper, then visit to the bar for a drink and email collection (yes, the site's got wifi). In fact, I can't think of many things the site's not got although – once again – the enigmatic riddle of the regulations sometimes makes it difficult to work out what's available when, though I suspect this time it's due at least in part to the vicissitudes of the tourist industry.

Anyway, the walk revealed more of the campsite than we ever thought possible. The website describes it as being in the grounds of the old Chateau; I'd say it is the grounds, and then some. There's even a football pitch in one corner. And the amazing thing about the scale if the site is, well, that it's amazing. Everything seems neatly partioned with greenery and the entire site is surrounded by so many trees that the sound of birdsong can become a serious problem. (Only joking - when is birdsong ever a serious problem...?)

You'd think with all that room they might've avoided putting bloggers in adjacent chalets, wouldn't you? But no, poor Trish (@mumsgoneto) was forced to endure the constant too-ing and fro-ing as we returned from our walk to change for our first visit to the pool. Not a pretty site. Me, I mean, in swim-trunks. Sorry, Trish. The pools, though, were lovely. Yes, there are two: one indoors (of sorts) under a retractable greenhouse-style roof, one unheated, outdoors. And it was hot enough for us to have a dip in both.

I'll spare you the details of our lunch that day, but once we were sufficiently refreshed it was time to take a ride in one of these contraptions (below). I've no idea what it's called. Needless to say, for Charlie it was a 'choo-choo'. And it was more difficult to pedal round the campsite than you'd think. Needless to say, another dip was required shortly afterwards, just to cool off.


The little port of St Valery is well worth a visit: William the Conqueror assembled his fleet here in 1066, and we all know the end of that story. There are the remains of a mediaeval castle and walled citadel, as well as a sparkling modern marina. And walking round the narrow streets is a like a walk in the park thanks to the town's commitment to encouraging – if not cultivating – a variety of wild flowers and herbs along the road margins. It also has un petit train (and one that looks a lot like 'Thomas') but we didn't see it. Sshhhhh! Charlie's none the wiser, and he spent a happy afternoon at the campsite's Mini Fun Station where there was a variety of activities for the under fives, including bricks and blocks, books and puzzles and an art and craft area. Charlie loved it, but... You've guessed it! Once again, the pool beckoned.

How Trish managed to get any of that book read with acres of wet naked male flesh passing her decking on a regular basis I shall never know. Or maybe I made it easier by momentarily blocking out the sun? Seriously, it was a delight to meet Trish Burgess and her family. In spite of living less than 20 miles apart in real life and having mutual friends, it took a 250 mile journey to France to finally meet face-to-face. Mind you, I don't know what Trish thought of it all. Perhaps you'd better find out? Here's her take on the whole thing. Hope she didn't mention the inflatable toy.

I don't know, you wait all year for a blog review of Eurocamp then two come along at once.

Bon voyage!
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