Sunday, 30 May 2010

Exam Fever

Oh how quickly you forget. Two years ago I was frantically running round a school in a damage limitation exercise as the sixth-form marked their final day at school with traditional high jinks. This year, as I cycled through town, I was surprised to see large numbers of students milling around, signing shirts and generally wondering what to do now school had set them free.

Sally came home with tales of classrooms being re-erected on the school field, a maze created out of lockers (including hers) as well as the usual water bombs and silly string. Sarah went to school dressed as a cat (don't ask!) and returned with several helium balloons for Charlie.

But such high spirits are short-lived, and most of the kids enjoying themselves today will be getting down to some serious revision in the near future in preparation for possibly the most important exams they've ever taken. The stress soon kicks in, even though today's eighteen-year-olds are nothing if not experienced in taking exams. And this group from several London schools have certainly found a unique way of coping with the pressure.

Childline has published a series of revision tips and helpful advice to help beat exam stress and there's some useful information on what parents can do to help children cope with exams on the BBC website.

If you, or anyone you know, is in the middle of the mayhem of exams, good luck!

They'll soon be over.
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