Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Wet wet wet!

Can I, er, ask you something? Something personal? Something... intimate?

No, not that!

But... well, how can I put it? If you're on your own in the day with a small child, as I am, and if your partner leaves for work early in the morning, as mine does, and if you're sometimes not even dressed when they leave the house, like I'm not, then do you find visiting the (ahem) bathroom a bit of a problem? 

I must confess this has only recently become an issue. Last year I was walking Sally to school daily, so I'd be up and dressed and out of the house with Charlie early anyway. But this year, well.... ok. I've let things slip; I'm sometimes still in my dressing gown at nine o'clock. And then.... Well, unless I'm really lucky and there's something ultra-gripping on CBeebies, getting a guilt and worry-free shower can be something of a problem. Even nipping to the loo can be nigh on impossible, and I'm quite frequently accompanied by a veritable fleet of vehicles all of which seem to have an urgent need to circumvent the cistern at precisely the wrong moment.  

Well, ladies and gentlemen, I can now reveal my own solution. Those awfully nice simplehuman people have sent me one of their Tension Shower Caddies, which means I now have my own fully-functioning, en-suite shower room . Ok, it's en-suite to the kitchen but no matter. It's a downstairs loo cum wet-room and I like it and it's mine. For a start, there's not a screen or shower curtain. Oh no. So I can move about without either bashing my elbows or wearing a cold, wet shower curtain . Second, since the shower caddy has so many shelves I no longer have the problem of where to put the soap sponges and shower gel and shampoo.

And third, since it's right next to the kitchen Charlie can be safely strapped into his highchair, happily eating the remainder of his breakfast while I perform my daily ablutions. I can have the door wide open and keep watch on him in the mirror; I can dry myself without the risk of treading on a piece of Lego or slipping on a car; I can brush my teeth while watching what I'm doing.

Now, if SimpleHuman could just fix the small matter of going to the smallest room when looking after small children, I'd be sorted. 
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