Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Amazing Babies Giveaway

I've been asked to mention the new range of titles in the 'Amazing Babies' series by Templar Books, and although Charlie's now a little too old to appreciate them, I jumped at the chance. These best-selling books for babies from 3 to 24 months reflect the key developmental milestones in a baby’s life, and use a combination of text, images and novelty to make them both fun to read and stimulating. The new titles are Baby Face! Baa Baa Black Sheep! Black and White! and Move it! and there will also be a series of buggy books in August 2010.

And you can win a four-book bundle of Amazing Babies titles by simply by leaving a comment below!

In other news I've heard in the last few days that Forward Press - publisher of a range of titles including 'Need to Know' books - are keen to go ahead with my 'Dad's Guide' proposal, and would like each chapter to include a brief case-study of a real-life dad's experience dealing with babies and young children. So if you know anyone, or if you'd like to volunteer, please get in touch. And thanks to everyone who kindly helped me with a troublesome chapter earlier this year after an appeal on twitter.

An appropriately 'literary' post for London Book Fair week, don't you think? I only wish I could be there. But after the epic travel of the last few days, we're all just happy to be back at home (unlike so many others). And although she'd been in Iceland all week, it wasn't until they flew out late on Friday night in a Dunkirk-style evacuation that Sarah actually saw for herself what all the fuss was about. Apparently there were spectacular views of Eyjafjallaj√∂kull from the 'plane. And then yesterday there tell-tale smuts of black all over our car.

It really is about time Iceland enforced it's smoking ban.

In the meantime, anyone got an ash-tray?

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