Thursday, 4 March 2010

Young at Heart Photo Album

Well? Did you guess it was me? Or did you think I'd craftily substituted a pic of Charlie eating an ice-cream instead? Of course not. The sandals would've given it away for a start. To say nothing of the socks! 

When MakeDoMum asked me for a photo I was astonished at the similarities. There are photos of myself at Charlie's age that could almost be of him. And the similarities don't end there. 

This picture was snapped at my grandparents' house in Derby. There are two Proustian madeleine moments that take me back to the many school holidays my sister and I spent there. One is the sound of a goods train chuntering along the tracks. Across a field at the bottom of the garden was a main-line railway, a little boy's dream. (Charlie would've loved it. But then, he gets something of the same when we go to his granny's.) The second memory-trigger is the tinkle of the ice-cream van. Every afternoon there seemed to be an ice-cream van. And we (nearly) always seemed to prevail on someone - anyone - to buy us one. I know someone else like that as well!

Right, time to pass the baton on. Can you guess where 'mums gone to' in this pic? Or where she's heading? Actually, it doesn't look as if she's making very much progress so I'll give you some clues. This blogger's journey began in Newcastle-upon-Tyne and she is currently stationed in South Lincs via forays as far afield as Canada, Iceland, and a little Texas whorehouse (the best, no less!). Got it yet? You'd better hurry before she's off on her travels once again. 


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