Thursday, 11 February 2010

Any requests?

Are you sometimes stuck for something to say? Do you sit down at the computer with a blog post to write and, well... just sit there? I like to post every other day if possible. And I like to write a post at least the night before, and have it scheduled for publication next morning. I don't know why. Habit, I suppose. No more. A habit I could break quite easily. In fact, a habit I have just broken. Last night, to be precise. The computer was on, but real life (and BBC Two) kept getting in the way. And by bedtime I had written... nothing.

Bang goes the 'every two day' posting habit too (though to be honest that's not been the same since Christmas). Oh well. Go to bed, I thought. Something'll come up in the morning. (Rosie, please!) And now it is the morning. And it hasn't.

But you're never short of an idea on Twitter. So I asked if anyone had any requests. @DJKirkby suggested a post on the ridiculous educational acronyms that seem designed to confuse parents and keep changing just when you get used to them. But no. Too close to home, that one. And there's nothing funny about being the only one in a staff meeting asking 'er, is it just me or does anyone else not know what THRASS is?'

@SamWilloughby and @WendyMal suggested a post about 'mums' and toddler groups, but that's a raw nerve too since the one Charlie and I go to on a Wednesday seems to have become a little less friendly. Oh my, what to write about? Opal Fruits said Drop4Three (that's Starbursts or whatever silly name they're now called for any younger readers). Write about your favourite, he said, and what it says about you. Well, telling @Drop4Three that my favourite Opal Fruit was green seemed to reveal rather too much about myself for comfort, so I dismissed that idea as well. Trish (@MumsGoneTo) suggested I post this, but I told her I'd done that already and, anyway, this morning wasn't beautiful.

So this is a post about nothing, really. Or about what to do when you've nothing to write. I don't know why you're reading, to be honest. But if you are, I'd like to ask you this: where do your ideas come from? What gives you that spark? And what do you do when you don't feel inspired?

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