Friday, 8 January 2010

Two Jags.... I mean, tags!

I've been tagged. Twice. Well, thrice. This happens sometimes. It's happened before. Sometimes I forget to do it. This time, I haven't. What I have done though, is mixed the two tags up. One - via Wendy Mallins, Amy (And 1 More means 4) and Insomniac Mummy - asks me to find a photo that makes me happy; the other, via Hazel HotCrossMum and The Wife of Bold requires me to make a 'what makes you happy?' list (actually, Wendy tagged me for that one too, but I've been so tardy I've forgotten all about it). Slothfulness, and a certain amount of cider, demands I write just one post for both tags. So, a photographic record of the things that made me happy in 2009 begins with...

These two... They have kept me happy all year... as well as busy!
This was taken on Bournemouth beach - another 'happy' place - in May last year.

This person has kept me happy too (as well as solvent and free from hunger).
I love you, and love this photo of you (taken at Belton House in July)

This place - the Yorkshire Dales - made me very happy in August. We rented a small cottage next to a working farm (Pott Hall, north of Masham if you're interested - can't recommend it highly enough) and had one of the most idyllic holidays ever. The weather helped, of course. As did having nothing to do but picnic in freshly-mown fields of hay and paint and draw all day.

This - my first royalty cheque - made me quite deliriously happy, quite out of all proportion to the sum involved (tastefully blurred in the above pic!). I almost didn't pay it in and had it framed instead.

Finally this place - Alcudia - made me extremely happy in October. We had a wonderful week of sun, sand and Sangria, just what was needed after a hectic start to the term for my wife and before a record-breakingly cold winter. I still can't quite believe I was swimming in that sea on October 31st.
It certainly makes the winter seem an awful lot shorter.

Now, on to the baton-passing business. If you'd like to do either of these memes , either properly (ie. listing five highlights of the year and posting one fave photo) or like me then please feel free. Just let me know below so that I can take a look. Having mucked about with the memes, however, I ought to tag some people properly. So... if you're responsible for the following blogs, you're now 'it':

  1. The Life and Times of a Househusband;
  2. Zip and Tizzy;
  3. Frazzled Daddy;
  4. New Mummy; and
  5. Catharine Withenay...
Over to you!


  1. Now that's what I call multi-tasking ... and I thought only women could do that?! You are learning well my young padawan.
    Love the pic of the kids in the Dales, just beautiful :)

  2. Yipes that's me! :)
    I'll try and get on it.
    Until then, lovely pictures, all of which prove a lot to be happy about!

  3. Lovley images, wonderful memories. I love photo's, I love the way they trigger memories, smells, feelings and oh I am all warm and fuzzy now!

  4. Oh no, I'm a master of the art Cate... it's the full role-reversal in our house!

    Yup - hope you're up for it Serena. And yes, lots and lots to be happy about. Must remember!

    My word MH that's getting all Proustian. Pass the madeleines someone...

  5. Great photos, the Yorkshire Dales pic looks gorgeous. Being a Londoner I dream of places like that - not a KFC box in sight!

  6. Royalties - I remember when I first sold a picture for a proper price, through a 'proper gallery - I was so pleased I kept phoning up my painting buddies to tell them. Then I was sad that I'd lost the picture.

  7. I want to steal some of your photos cos they are so pretty. Can I also steall your other half for the same reason?

  8. Plenty of sheep though MDM... and stones. But yes, georgeous: every bit as pretty as it looks and filled with really friendly people.

    Ah, that's the good thing about words Mark... you not only get to keep them, they're printed for you in book form!

    Not sure about that Pippa! She's taken, I'm afraid. And I'm not sharing!

  9. I love the pictures. The Yorkshire one reminds me of so many holidays as a child: too beautiful for words.

    I think I have quite a backlog of tags to work through at some point, so forgive me if it takes a while...

  10. No problem Catharine... I'd say I'd remind you but I'd probably forget. I must've forgotten to do about a dozen of these things in the past, no doubt causing great offence to many!

  11. Fabulous! And now I have just stolen your bank details!!

  12. Lovely photos. I love the Yorkshire Dales and am always grateful that we live close enough to just pop there for the day.


  13. That's a nice clutch of happiness for the year.

    Ah, the Yorkshire Dales. I used to holiday there when I were a lad. We would stay in a cottage in the hamlet Starbottom, which was near Grassington and Kettlewell in Wharfedale. Stunning, rugged scenery, happy days.

  14. Well, they're actually the publisher's. But who cares? He can probably afford it on the pittance he's paying me!

    Oh, that's ideal IM. I wish we were still that close. Mind you, I don't remember going up there for the day much when we did live close enough (in Wakefield).

    It's not changed much DD. In fact, it'll probably never change much. That's part of the appeal.

  15. ahhh as usual comming up with your own good ideas!! A great twist to two tags, you are clever boy lol!! great pictures xxxx

  16. Wow, it is beautiful there! I can see how they would all make you happy, lovely family!

  17. This was lovely, great photos and nice words.

  18. Life seems to be one long holiday!

  19. Great photos, lovely thoughts. I have a picture of Belton House on a Quality Street tin. I think they used the house for Lady Catharine's in the Pride and Prejudice miniseries?

  20. Aw thanks Amy. Do I get a gold star?

    I've edited out those bits that don't look quite as beautiful, Freckles. And forgotten all the dirty nappies I've changed and runny noses that I've wiped. And the rest is... yes, beautiful!

    Thanks Denyse. With pics like those you hardly need words do you?

    'Fraid not, CW. But the high-points of the year seem to have been holidays, for sure!

    They did Rebecca... in fact, it's been used in several costume dramas, and when you go there you can see why. Lovely place.

  21. Cider? Really?

    Anyway, I love the picture of your children drawing in the field. I would be interested in the details of that cottage as I'm looking for something in the UK for Summer and it's a while since we stayed in the Dales. Could you e-mail me the details? I'd be much obliged.

  22. What a sweet post and the photos are awesome. Did you just get a book published!!?? That is fantastic. Just found your site on hot cross mum. It's great! Come visit me sometime too if you want at:

  23. Lovely photos. The one of the children in the field is gorgeous.

  24. Er, yes really WM. Sorry! And here's the link for the cottage (I'm sure they won't mind me posting it here:

    Glad you like them Naomi! And yes, I had my first novel published in 2008. I've got a couple of smaller books out this year, too. Thanks for sending me your link: I'm off to take a look.

  25. A real rural idyll.... honestly, Hazel, that hay meadow hasn't only kept the cattle going through a long hard winter!

  26. When I first read your second caption, I thought it said: 'this person has kept me happy too, as well as solvent free...' For a few shocking moments I thought you were a recovering glue sniffer. Imagine my relief when I re-read it properly. Sorry to have assumed the worst.

  27. Oh Lordy me no... My drug of choice has always been something I actually enjoy imbibing, and which has undoubted health benefits. Give me a beaker full of the warm south any day. And I'll pass on the glue thanks Jacqui!

  28. Fantastic photos! I shall get on with mine x

  29. Thanks Carol. Look forward to seeing them!

  30. Thanks MaM! Never quite know whether two into one will go, but this time it seemed to work.

  31. Just finished mine at last


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