Tuesday, 26 January 2010

The Padstow Lifeboat

Oh my!

But before that, a bit of this. Bet no-one else chooses this for Rosie Scribble's Shiny Happy Meme. But it makes me smile, and always will....

Ok, now to business. I've been known, in my time, to be a little inattentive. I once asked why a colleague who'd just left to have a baby wasn't at work; I mistook Her Majesty the Queen for her mother; and at primary school I failed completely to notice that the teacher I was impersonating was standing right behind me. (I wondered why my friends had suddenly gone quiet!)

Anyway, so... no surprise then that I failed to notice this. And this. I must be about the only person in blog-land, and I've only just finished reading all three hundred of the comments. Still, better late than never. And, for what it's worth, my take on it all is simple. I love blogs. I wish I had more time to read them. I've completely given up reading newspapers as I find the interactive blogging-process so much more rewarding. (The writing's often a sight more entertaining too!) And that's all there is to say, really. I, er, like blogs and blogging. I hope that's enough of a recommendation.

To counter any of the 'other stuff' out there Tanya (Bump2Basics) has tagged me in the meme that Sally Whittle started. The task is to recommend three new (to me) blogs, which is an absolute and utter pleasure. So here they are.

First, CareyAnnie from the eponymous blog, CareyAnnie's Mumma Said who describes herself as 'just' a mum but who in fact is mum to three, step-mum to one and prolific user of the word 'lovely'. Next, Hayley at SingleMotherhoodChallenges - blogger, mother, student and Indian Head Massage exponent. And third, Michelle from Mummy From the Heart, mum to six-year-old JJ and two-year old twins Miss M and Miss E. So there it is. Three new (to me) blogs, and all well worth visiting.

I suppose I ought now to be tagging other people. But having driven people crazy looking for an object for the mo-meme last week, I'm going to keep my head down. If you'd like to play, then you're 'it'. And this is a good game. Because, at the end of the day, we're all on about the same thing, us parent-bloggers. But we all have such different things to say. And that's what keeps me reading!


  1. Ok so the boat doesn't move right? Pah, I've had enough of You Tube this morning anyway after 4 year old watching his steam train videos on it. I missed all that discussion too, don't know what I was doing. In my own little bloggy world. A good thing probably. These memes are mainly passing me by too, probably another good thing. Like you I love lots of different blogs and I should stop commenting on them now as I have to get 4 year old to pre school. Love the lifeboat.

  2. We used to holiday in Padstow when I was a kid so that brings back fond memories.

    All that clique discussion totally passed me by. Must be out of the loop. Like you I just love reading good blogs. Once I find one I like I'm pretty loyal and engrossed but there's always so many to enjoy. Of the ones I like, their blogroll usually unearths loads of hidden gems too just as if you like someone, you often like their friends.

    Going to investigate your book more on Amazon - looks interesting.

  3. No, I ought to do something about that I suppose Emily, but it was the only version available on YouTube. If I was clever, I'd add my own slide-show of images. But I'm not.

    It's a great place to holiday Deer Baby, as is almost all of Cornwall. And as for the lifeboats... well, gotta love 'em haven't you? And all done by volunteers. That should raise a smile to the grumpiest lips.

  4. Thanks so much for the mention Tim. I was also tagged yesterday so have put my meme up there now. I must say as new blogger (been blogging but not been open to people to read! doh)that I have found people to be great and very helpful and welcoming to me. Cheers all Mich x

  5. You're welcome Michelle! Glad you're finding the whole thing fun and welcoming - which is exactly as it should be. And if you're getting tagged that's a sure sign that you're 'in'. Happy blogging!

  6. I missed all that discussion too. I love blogging, love writing one, love reading others. Like you I have given up newspapers and just read the blogs. However, working, singing and raising a daughter doesn't leave me much time for reading as many as I would like (should be working now!)and sometimes I get to the weekend and there are nearly 300 posts in my Google Reader, so I don't always leave comments and I sometimes click "mark all as read" (gasp)!

    PS Cottage looked lovely and have booked!!

  7. Don't think we missed much, WM. But bloggers, eh - they're so prolific. My reader bulges at the seams daily, and I try to skim each post but it gets difficult.

    On a different tack, I hope you like the cottage. I'm sure you will, but having recommended it I feel a little nervous as well as jealous!

  8. "Because, at the end of the day, we're all on about the same thing, us parent-bloggers. But we all have such different things to say. And that's what keeps me reading!"

    Fantastic - sums it up perfectly for me, too.

    And now I'm off to explore your recommendations, thanks for doing the meme.

  9. Hmmmm. The boat that didn't rock.

    Will check out your recommendations soonest.

  10. Thanks Sally! Hope you enjoy them.

    Well at least it doesn't sink, Liz! And it's the music that rocks, don't you think?

  11. Padstow! Where I lived for years and years when I was a nipper, but alas, my primary school is now some houses ... and that was pre-RicK Stein before the little place was ruined!

  12. You're soooo lucky Claire. I've only ever been on holiday, but once I get there I never want to come back. And that's only partly to do with the interminable journey!

  13. What do you know, I had no idea about that discussion at all, I had no idea there was an us and them thing happening. I feel completely thrilled when I find a new blog to read and even more excited when someone new comments on my blog.

  14. Me too, Polly! Keep it simple, eh?

  15. I love Padstow as every inch of Corwall. My big dream is moving there and buy a sailing boat...or even living on a sailing boat!!! I love reading blogs too. I don't really care about groups or cliques, I'm aware there are some around but they don't bother me. All the ebst. Ciao. A.

  16. Maybe we should start a Cornwall clique Antonella? There are plenty here who would join us... (Only joking!) And as for living on a boat, how come we seem to share so many dreams, you and I?

  17. I like blogging too. That's all I have to say.

    I so wish I had seen you impersonate that teacher!

  18. Great post and thanks for more fine blog recs. I have missed my daily fix of blogging this past week but we now how our baby so it's all go and all hectic but all wonderful too :)


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