Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Winter Wonderland!

Like most of the country, we've been enduring enjoying snow just lately. Both Sarah and Sally started the school holidays early on Friday; Saturday (Sarah's birthday) involved family travel plans, lunchtime at a local restaurant, and an evening with the yummies (Sarah's friends). So far, although we've had several inches and there are deadly twelve inch icicles hanging like daggers from the drain-pipes, everything's gone to plan. Nothing's been cancelled. So we really can't complain.

No. We owe it to the thousands of people stuck on trains under the Channel, or waiting for delayed trains, or chopping logs or struggling to work or something to enjoy ourselves. So, that's just what we've been doing. This is the winter wonderland that is Boston at the moment...

And this is Charlie in the middle of making....


Recognise him? @SandyCalico said he looked like something out of Dr Who (I don't think she meant David Tennant either) but can you see the resemblance?


  1. The flower pot hat is a stroke of genius.

  2. I don't watch Dr Who so couldn't guess. I think it looks like such a sweet little snowman though. Such a lovely smile and big eyes. No snow AT ALL here today and yet thousands are stranded just along the mtwy near Basingstoke. Crazy weather.

  3. Awww your snow looks so pretty!!!!!! Love the snowman hes cool!

  4. Fed up with seeing David Tennant everywhere. I saw him go in Waterstones in Piccadilly once - with a girl - he was a short-arse!

    Yes, I feel for these people who have been stranded in or through snow. xxxx

  5. That is one cool snowman! Still waiting for the snow here so love your pics. Have a wonderful Christmas.

  6. Thanks April!

    It's what all the best-dressed snowmen are wearing this season Heather.

    That does seen crazy DJ. But then, this weather is crazy. And so is our reaction, I'm sure, to a Canadian!

    I think it looks pretty too Hayley, although driving in it last night wasn't a very nice experience. Looks better in the morning.

    So you're not under his spell then, Jenny? Better keep your head down. He seems unfeasibly popular.

    Thanks Hazel, and the self-same to you and yours.

  7. Isn't it pretty where you live - the snow just makes it more so

  8. Snow looks beautiful but is totally impractical if one needs to go anywhere! Charlie's snowman is wonderful.

    I hope you and the family have a lovely Christmas and wish you all a very happy new year.


  9. Well, it's a bit of a curate's egg if truth be told FF, but doesn't snow make everything look pretty? Have a lovely Christmas!

    How very kind Kitty, and how lovely to hear from you again! Wishing you too, and yours, the compliments of the season.

  10. That's possibly the cutest snowman that I've ever seen.

  11. You're too kind, Steve. He looks a bit the worse for wear after a day of sunshine and post-zero temperatures - rather Gaudi-esque, I feel!

  12. Nice snowman!! Your place looks more picturesque than Gateshead in the snow.

  13. The snowman is so not St David of Tennant. It looks like a potentially evil extra from a Christmas episode!
    Wishing you all a very merry Christmas :-)

  14. I used to live in Boston and it never looked as attractive as it does on your photo!

    Groovy snow man too.

  15. Glad you like him Kate. Or her. Never quite sure with snow-people. I bet you've had more snow than us in Gateshead, though.

    Ow, Sandy. Harsh! I think he looks quite sweet, especially with that lovely chilli-pepper smile!
    Thanks, and the same to you and yours.

    Well, well.... what a small world it is Liz! And, as I think I said earlier, the snow makes everywhere look prettier. Even Boston!

  16. No snow here. Just cold and icy.

    Merry Christmas!

  17. Cool snowman!

    He could just about pass for a Cyberman, if my memory serves me from decades ago of watching Dr Who.

  18. Oh well CW... maybe on Friday? After a brief melt yesterday everything's iced-up good and proper now... real 'earth stood hard as iron' weather!

    Ah, I remember the Cybermen... You sound like a John Pertwee man DD.

  19. No snow as of yet here on the west coast of Canada - we were actually scootering around the park yesterday. Love the snowman - we use our sand pails as hats for our snowmen!

    Our law is no alcohol under 19 by the way, but most people give their kids a taste, especially on all those 'special occasions', so I am in agreement with you there. Our kids will enjoy a little nip or two over Christmas, for sure!

  20. Lovely snow scenes. Very cute snowman and Charlie!

    Been meaning to say (apropos of nothing) for ages...that Charlie Brown and Snoopy have always been my heroes. AND...yes (the brain works in mysterious ways) Russell T. Davies wrote an article about that recently. (That they were his heroes, not mine, and that Schulz was seriously underrated...

    Howzat for a link!

    Merry Christmas and a wonderful 2010 to you, Charlie, Sally and Sarah! Hadriana xx


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