Tuesday, 29 December 2009

How was it for you?

Christmas is fast becoming the season of disasters. No sooner has the last note of the final carol been sung than one of us is usually ill. Last year it was my turn. I was so off-colour on Christmas Day that I had only a mouthful of my dinner and a sip of wine. (If you know anything about my epic appetite or a thirst entire vinyards wouldn't quench you'll appreciate just how ill I was.) This year it was Sarah's turn, though she didn't wait until the carols had been sung. In fact, she couldn't sing them at all having been laid low by a sore-throat/cough combination from the end of term. Not to be outdone, Charlie came out in sympathy and the house has echoed to the noise of hacking coughs all Christmas. My share of the festive misfortune was the oven door, which shattered into a thousand tiny pieces all over the kitchen floor on Christmas Eve. We've been finding tiny bits of glass ever since.

But let's look on the bright side. Sarah's getting better; Charlie's on the mend. And nobody was hurt in the great cooker disaster. (I dread to think what could have happened if Charlie has been in the kitchen at the time; or if I'd been opening the oven door after cooking the turkey. Perhaps someone from Hotpoint would like to tell me?)

We ate well, drank plenty (fluids, you understand, for the colds) watched a little bit but not too much telly, opened presents, ate some more, opened some more presents, went to bed, got up, opened yet more presents (if your name was Charlie). In fact, lets look on the bright side. There were plenty of positives...

We did hang up our stocking on the wall door...

They knew that Santa was on his way (thanks to NORAD)....

We were wrapped up warm inside...

And sat close to those we know...

... and love

Yes, all in all it wasn't too bad.

So, how was your Christmas?


  1. Oh Dear, sometimes Christmases just happen like that don't they? It's always such a shame because of the build up and the fact that is a whole year until you can do it again! I have to say that once the children get older, they seem to get less colds at Christmas time ,so that's something to look forward to! How did you cook your turkey?!

  2. Cute pics. Im missing out that happened with the cooker saga so shall investigate. Ours was okay, quiet but okay. Baby's first christmas was a bit of a let down, I mean 9 week old baby does not give a shit about anything festive.... and just got a bit grumpy from all the fuss. Next year, it's going to be better. Apparently.

  3. How beautiful :) Lovely Chirstmas minus the illness - thank you for sharing

  4. Oh what lovely photos, Ian but I'm sorry to hear how poorly the family were. As for the oven - at least you are not in France where customer service doesn't really exist.

  5. Lovely photos. The kids look really happy. Very sorry to hear Sarah was ill.

  6. the cooker door shattered? how on earth did you manage that? The kids look happy despite the sickness, sorry to hear Sarah was ill tho. Hope you had a great Christmas anyway.

  7. Love those photos! Sounds like you had a good Christmas despite the colds and cooker disasters! How did you cook Christmas dinner?

  8. I do feel for you. This was the first Christmas in three years that I was well - although I did miss one concert because of a cold. And your oven door definitely outdoes my smashed royal doulton bowl! At least you can look on the bright side. Hope the New Year is much better for you (hope I haven't just jinxed it!)

  9. I'm tempted to say 'with difficulty' Sub, although it proved manageable once we'd show-horned it into the top-oven. Meant Christmas Dinner was cooked in relays!

    Thanks April. We managed to enjoy it in spite of fate conspiring against us!

    It was all over in a flash, Claire... almost literally. It's amazing how much glass there is in an oven door!

    Well, no FF but it remains to be seen what - if any - customer service Hotpoint provides.

    They were Rosie, thanks. We all were once the mess was cleared up and a few measures of Christmas spirit(s) dispensed.

    Merely opening the door to get a tray to put the turkey on Heather. Still, the turkey could've been in the oven at the time, it might've been Christmas Day, so it could've been worse.

    We did Denyse, thank-you and hope you did too. It's amazing what a bit of Blitz spirit does... As well as surgical spirit (for the cuts) and, er... single-malt spirit for the soul.

    Well, WM, you'll recognise a case of end-of-term-itis... At least being a stay-at-home dad, I don't have that to contend with!

  10. Having an illness at Christmas is hideous.I hope you are all well now.As for the oven door, What.The.Hell? Enquiring minds want to know.

  11. It's rapidly becoming a subject worthy of it's own post Aly, so I'll have to get to work. Suffice to say it was over very quickly, but the mess was everywhere and took ages to clear up. Now, it's off to the sales for a new one.

  12. We are all suffering with varying cases of Man Flu here in the MadHouse, but I am now in a panic about hotpoint oven doors, how on earth could it just shatter????

    I think that the photo of Charlie and Grandad is a wonderful thing

  13. Ours was deifinitely a lot smoother than your I would imagine. Hope you manage to give Hotpoint somw grief over the oven.

  14. Good question TMH - one, perhaps, someone from Hotpoint would like to answer? And that's actually Charlie's great-grandad would you believe... a truly wonderful thing!

    As I said, Ang, it could've been worse. Having just come back from a fruitless trawl round the shops for a new cooker, I'd quite like somebody from Hotpoint to get in touch and wave a magic wand. Wonder if they're listening?

  15. Hmmm - Christmas. Don't get me started!! I was ill and kids kind of off colour - but fun was had by everyone else. We were at my mums - am considering breaking it to her that we want to stay at home next year. I don't think it'll go down well.

  16. Gorgeous photos. Re the oven door, what a dangerous nuisance. Have you heard from Hotpoint yet?

  17. Sorry to hear about the illness and the oven door, but sounds like you still managed Christmas which is the main thing. Lovely pictures!

  18. I was struck down with an illness at Christmas (shingles) which is more annoying than anything else! But it was great to enjoy the first Christmas that our little one was really able to enjoy (her first christmas she was only 8 months old and didn't really get it)

  19. Intrigued by the oven door, I googled it, and it seems like it is pretty common that doors explode spontaneously. Nice. One response may help: "I work for Electrolux. The glass itself in most cases of this happening has received a knock or bang when in transit. This then creates a slight weakness in the glass. Over time with the constant heating and cooling the glass expands and contracts until at some point the weakness in the glass gives into this causing the door to shatter into a million pieces. I see it every week with even top of the range models. I would phone the manufacturer though as in the case of Electrolux they will cover a new door and the fitting of it. It has became their policy to do this after some people have been injured due to this happening."

  20. Lovely photos. Great children. All went well for us. Too short though. Back home. Working. What else. All the best for the new year. Ciao. A.

  21. Sounds like one for the record books of your family, Tim. But everyone looks so loving and cozy in the pictures that I think you are right in saying it could have been much worse! That being said, I will never look at our glass oven door the same again.

  22. Nothing like being unwell in your own home Kate. That sounds like a plan for next year!

    No news yet Sandy; still waiting. I'll keep you posted.

    It could've been quite dangerous Emily, especially if Charlie had been in the kitchen at the time. Thankfully, no-one was hurt.

    Sounds bad Zoey, and I hope you're fully recovered now. Charlie was more aware this year than last, although still a bit overwhelmed by it all (especially the wrapping paper!)...

    Thanks for that advice, anon. I'll get in touch with Hotpoint and see what they say.

    Glad you had a good one Antonella, even if it did pass far too quickly! All the best for 2010.

    You're right Rebecca, they do. And things weren't that bad - we cooked the turkey, and the illnesses are passing!


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