Tuesday, 24 November 2009


Let me apologise right now. If this offends you, I'll understand. If you are one, you might not want to be (a follower) for too much longer. If you like this programme, then I know I haven't got a chance of saying anything to make you change your mind. It's a love/hate thing. It's like marmite. There doesn't seem to be LibDem option.

(Oh come on, man. Get on with it.)

Ok then. *Deep breath*

I. Don't. Like...


There! Said it. Never watch it. Hate it. Really cannot stand it. All that screaming, mass hysteria in the studio. (I know it's all been artificially whipped up by girls with names like Trudi or Camilla wearing headphones and carrying a clipboard.)  All that bloody awful singing and dancing. (I know some of them are quite good, and they're all trying really hard and they've had painful childhoods and everything.) And all that posturing and acting from the so-called judges. (Yes, I know they're being paid obscene amounts of money to make utter idiots of themselves.) But no. Non. Nyet. Never. Fingers nails. Blackboards. X-Cruciating.  


The contestants have released a charity single. It's a cover of Michael Jackson's You Are Not Alone. Sony has agreed to donate all profits to Great Ormond Street Hospital. You can read about it on their website. You can even see the video that they had on last week's show. Some retailers are donating proceeds from the sale of the single to Great Ormond Street. You can find out which ones here.

And so, even though I hate the show with a passion... I'll still be buying the single.

It's for charidee, baby!

And there are several people I don't like that I can give it to....


  1. It's one of the joys of living abroad - all this Saturday evening hysteria passes us by. I'm a Brit and I've never watched X Factor. There. I've said it too!

  2. ha ha. I'm with Kate, this is yet another reason I am pleased not to live in Britain. although we do have our own Finnish version coming soon. sob.

  3. I love the results show, and the fall-out that follows on Twitter and Facebook. I just scream at the screen for an hour if I ever watch the Saturday show.

    And as regards the charity single, I'd rather just send GOSH a couple of quid, more than they would make from me buying the single, most likely.

  4. Do you know I don't like it much either but feel compelled to watch it every week.

  5. If it keeps going Kate, I might have to consider living abroad myself.

    But I'll have to cross Finland off the list, Heather. Sorry.

    You know, Ian, that's a good point. On the other hand there's somebody I really do want to annoy. So the single it is!

    My daughter's the same (or so she claims) Ang. Has to watch the Sunday results show so she can talk about it at school on Monday (apparently)...

  6. Oh I think you have started something here.....

    My Name is MummymAd and I too have never watched the X-Faxtor, nor to I intend to.

    There I have purged and feel much better

  7. Glad to have helped, MummyMad. We're all here to support you...

  8. You lured me here under the pretence of something X-rated and its squeaky clean fiX-factor!

    Boring!!! Too much warbling of out of tune voices....its painful to my ears. Are the judges deaf????

    I like a good X-rated Rock n' Roller. What? Jamie's on the album? Oooh, I'd better get that then.

    Love RMxx

  9. Thank God there is another sensible person out there. This piece of turd show is inflicted on me every year and even judging by the normal poor standards, this year is scraping the bottom of the barrel.

  10. I also loathe & detest the X Factor! It's such a relief to find like minded people, because I tell you if you go on Twitter on Saturday nights (no I don't have a life, is that a problem?) it's an X Factor fest. I actually watched 10 minutes of it last Saturday to see what the fuss was about. Well it's about crap singers, overacting 'friends and family', Dannii's immoveable Botox's faced, Simon turning into a caricature of himself, Louis doing his leprechaun impression (he's getting more Irish by the series) and Cheryl's appauling taste in clothes & hair - she must have sacked her sytlist. And breeeeathe...
    I won't buy the single, instead I'll donate money direct to GOSH which I think is more appropiate but admittedly not as exciting to the X Factor obsessives.

  11. I've never watched it, don't know anything about it - and I feel that may quite possibly be a good thing too! heh heh.

    Thanks for your blog and your posts. Thank you, good sir.

    Mal :)

  12. Oh I do like it. But I won't hold it against you! GOSH is a fab charity - just posted about it too.

  13. bring back Blind Date, I say xxxx

  14. Don't worry, I hate it too. I do love the tweeting though, so much better than the programme itself. I'll be buying the single - one good thing that has come out of the show!

  15. Hooray - I knew there must be someone else in the country who hated X-Factor. Never expected to meet them though!

    At least it's a good charity to be supporting.

  16. I have never watched nor ever will watch The X Factor. If I had the x factor I'd give it away, conceal it or destroy it before I ever let Simon Cowell anywhere near it.

  17. I must confess: I like someone just a little but less if I find out they watch Crap Factor. It's a bit like how I used to feel about people who voted Tory. You know, they're nice and all, but they're not "one of us".

  18. It's strictly 'Strictly' in our house although I must confess to having watched x factor once (and once only) as the phenomenon that was Jedward had me intrigued. I needn't have bothered. And I have to agree with Sally...it's so rubbish on so many levels that you have to worry about people who enjoy it, don't you ? ;)

  19. Thank god your ancestors sent my ancestors out to Terra Australis back in the day.
    No x factor for me.

  20. Well I'm all for worthwhile charities, but as for the (can't say it), I HATE IT.

    CJ xx

  21. Sooo many people hate it but, who knows why, it is still a very popular show. So someone must watch it, or not? I personally cannot stand the judges, I feel sorry for the contestants and I think it's a waste of time but nevertheless I watch the Sunday show for the results. Why? Because I'm curious to know who's the next poor soul to be booted out and because on Sunday night there not much on TV for people who don't have Sky. Ciaoooo! A.

  22. I have never watched X-Factor and I don't think that I am missing anything.

  23. LOL Never seen it either, but there are rumours of Simon trying to bring it stateside! Shall I run a mile or wot?


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