Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Are you sure I'll get all this water in my bucket, daddy?


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  2. Wonderful shot. Just the thing for a sharply cold November morning!

    And thank you for the M&S voucher - arrived yesterday. Much appreciated. I shall treat the family to some nice cakes!

  3. A fabulous picture. I take it you were on your hols then?!

  4. Just gorgeous, Tim. Not the UK I gather!

  5. Oh my god, where do you live?

    Looks like a little bit of heaven.

    Lovely piccy


  6. What a lovley photo, doesnt look like the uk though

  7. Hmm, the cakes sound like a good idea, Steve. And you're very welcome!

    Rather nice eh, Antonella? And not a million miles from your home country!

    Thanks, Lulu. Easy to take photos like that when the scenery's so good!

    We were indeed HCM! And very pleasant it was, too.

    No, Rosie, not in the UK. But in the EU. Alcudia, on the northern tip of Majorca.

    Lincolnshire, RM. The little bit of heaven is a long, long way away.

    Nope MH, it's not. It's where we were this time last week in temperatures that beat August in the UK. Swimming in the sea, playing on the sand, eating, drinking, lounging in the sun...
    P'raps it was a dream?

  8. I wonder if they really do think that...

    CJ xx

  9. Super. Did you use a wide-angled lens? Desperately want one of them x

  10. Probably not CJ, although the number of times his little legs went backwards and forwards filling up that bucket, you'd think that was his mission!

    Thanks, Jenny. But no, just a bog-standard digital camera (Sony Cyber-shot to be precise!)

  11. I bet Charlie had a good try. You will have to buy him a bigger bucket!


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