Sunday, 22 November 2009

Nursery Crime

A couple of weeks ago I posted a stout defence of Justin (Gigglebiz) Fletcher, referring to some parliamentary nonsense criticising Mr Tumble's update of a nursery rhyme. To re-cap, an MP (as if they've nothing better to do) expressed his outraged disapproval at the fact that Humpty Dumpty had a happy ending.

Since then we've been going nursery-rhyme crazy here. There were further updates of old favourites posted in the comments box (none of which were very kind about MPs), I did some research on-line into the origins of several of the most popular rhymes (believe me, you don't want to know) and - not to be outdone - Charlie learnt to recite that old favourite, Georgie Porgie (Pudding and Pie). Well, recite is maybe going just a bit too far. Enact, perhaps. Perform. Yes, definitely perform. He performs the rhyme, with just a modicum of help from me.

Having recorded that little episode for posterity, I dug out an old film of Sally doing something similar at a similar age. So, for your delectation and delight, for your edification and your education here's a little film - first of Charlie, then of Charlie watching Sally, then of Sally herself, aged just over two, entertaining us all one morning in the garden.


  1. That's so gorgeous... the look on Charlie's face when he is watching Sally... priceless.
    Thank goodness we have the technology to capture those moments now :)

  2. How utterly adorable! Charlie is fascinated by Sally isn't he? As was I. Cute...I think Charlie looks a lot like Sally did at that age.

  3. Fab and gorgeous! And yes it's an 11 on the cuteness scale.

  4. What a great idea! Soooooooo cute!

  5. You're not wrong about the cuteness factor of this - he is simply adorable.

  6. Oh this is fabulous! What clever babies you have - that is just adorable. The way Sally says 'Humpty Dumpty' made me almost die of cuteness overload!

    We have a sound recording of me at that age, just before my second bithday, singing Away in a Manger complete with the classic lyrics: "The little George Jesus" and the "the cattle are lonely".

    Can't wait for this stage with Kai, I'm going have my video camera on permenantly!

  7. Jeez, you're killing me with this stuff, Tim! They are unbearable cute, those kids of yours.

  8. Tim that is so wonderful, infact it is better than that

  9. How do you manage to get your children to do such cute things on film? As soon as I film my 2 they do nothing!

  10. Absolutely adorable. Sally's earnest little face had me in creases. This summer the boys saw me, my sister and my younger brother on video for the first time and they were stunned into silence. It was amazing to see.

  11. Brilliant, that did cheer me up. Beats flood victim depiction any day.


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