Saturday, 28 November 2009

Mists and mellow fruitfulness...

The weather's changed. Autumn has finally given way to winter. The temperature has plummeted, the trees have stripped themselves of leaves and things have started turning nasty. So I thought I'd post a pic or two of a lovely autumn walk we did a couple of weeks ago.

This is Snipedales nature reserve in Lincolnshire.

Charlie shuffled through leaves....

The sun shone...

the sky was blue...

The day was unseasonably warm. We had a picnic. It was lovely. Until the moment Charlie suddenly slid off the picnic bench, smacking his forehead on the table as he went down. In itself, that wouldn't have been so bad. But the day before he'd slipped and hit the other side of his head on the corner of the coffee table just seconds after I'd taken off the foam pipe-lagging which had been smothering the sharp edges since he started toddling. Which itself wouldn't have been quite so bad if Charlie wasn't already sporting bruises after being catapulted from the pushchair as we left the house to go to town.

My resignation's in the post.

And social services probably want to pay a visit.

If anyone wants me, I'm in Marrakech.

(I wish!)


  1. Beautiful pics.... but I can't look at them for too long as I need to call social services. Tssk!

  2. the other option is to wrap Charlie head to loe in the foam pipe lagging. that wya he is protected everywhere and your furniture doesn't look like you got it of a daump! Win win really.

    Gorgeous photos

  3. Thanks for visiting my blog - I keep seeing your comments on other blogs so about time I came over.

    We've had some corking bangs on the head - once opened the car door just as Dan was passing on his scooter - fountains of blood - he still bears the scar.

    They bounce back though - sometimes literally.

  4. awww poor little one - if it is any consolation bub 2 fell from 6 ft once, then from 3 the next day - toddlers - bruise magnets.
    Just wait till he masters "I promise I won't fall off this couch/chair/table/mantlepeice/bit of old clothesline I tied between two doorhandles"
    Very beautiful photos. Very.

  5. Awww what a dent in your perfect day. I bet he doesn't even remember it now. Oh ok well I'll bet he isn't as traumatised by it all as you are! Those photos are just amazing.

  6. Love the pics. Looks like a really gorgeous spot.
    I can fess up now that I/he/we forgot to do up the straps on our then 18mnth old daughter's car seat, didn't know til we went round a corner, heard a thud, looked round to see an empty seat, pulled over and found her sitting on the floor of the car smiling at us. Bruise showed up next day. Oops.

  7. Hilarious post! I've got the same problem with Harry - he's a 100 mph kid who regularly gets slowed down by lamp posts/door frames/trees and everytime I walk through the doors of A&E I'm waiting for Social Services to rugby tackle me to the floor...

  8. Oh the memories of doing this with my services would have taken mine away if they had seen the bruises they came home with. :) Enjoy the warmth of Marrakesh LOL

  9. Know how you feel. I dropped Tom twice as a baby whenever he falls in my care I feel such a shit. But, these things happen and toughen them up and, more importantly, teach them to be careful and mindful of themselves...

  10. Amazing pictures, today is such a day! You have inspired me to dig out the wellies and head to the park. We will, of course, avoid all picnic benches.

  11. Poor little bambino - all they do is bash themselves at that age!

    To Autumn, by John Keats.....I got it!

    Love RMxx

  12. Ouch, ouch and ouch!!
    I had to take daughter who was two at the time to hospital twice in a week once ( first time they didn't diagnose a break) I got a phone call!! Couldn't believe it!
    The pictures are stunning.

  13. That looks beautiful. I'm ashamed to say I'm from Lincolnshire originally and have never been there. Hope Charlie's head has recovered x

  14. Lovley photo's, just look at that sky - wonderful.

    Poor Charlie with all those bumps, you must take better care of him or there will be trouble.

    On the SS front, I once had a visit from a health visitor due to 2 visits to A&E in a week with MiniMad!!

  15. Ooops. That's a bag of coal for you then. Lovely pictures :)

  16. Great pics. We did an autumnal walk of our own this week - among the palm trees! I miss the scrunch of autumnal leaves beneath the feet. And the need for wellies ...

  17. That looks gorgeous - what beautiful photos. I can really sympathise with the bruised head - you should see the size of the lump and bruise on Kai's head this week. Poor boys :(

  18. I am sure that it takes more than a couple of bruises to bring Social Services round. Lovely photos. It's amazing how quickly the weather can change. Today we are having April showers in November.

  19. Hope you're having a great time in Marrakech! I'm sure the weather is better than here in Yorkshire (cold and pouring down at the moment!). Adore the photo of Charlie among the yeallow leaves. Hope his head is better by now. I don't think you could do worse than me with ragards to children. When my daughter was 11 months old she tried to "escape" from her cot whilst I was having a quick shower and she fell on the floor resuklting in a broken wrist. I will feel guilty for the rest of my life but I didn't flee to Morocco!!! Ciao. A.

  20. Gorgeous pics. Interesting hat. Poor Charlie. They always hurt themselves in threes I think.

  21. I swear these kids just bash themselves about to embarrass us parents - I can't imagine anything else that would make them so accident prone.


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