Thursday, 8 October 2009

Yeti Spotting

Amazing what you can see these days at a Safari Park. Lions, tigers, rhinos - pah! Monkeys are so yesterday. And you can forget all about the elephants. What we want to see when we go to Woburn for the day is the Yeti. Well, I say 'we' but in point of fact Charlie thought he was abominable and wept whenever he came near. Sally, on the other hand, loved it and wanted to take it home. I was quite impressed by the sporty little gear box, and Sarah liked the rear parking camera. And Sarah's mum came with us for the ride, and a very comfortable one it was too.
Confused? You will be... What is the Yeti? Well, on the one hand it's a creature of myth and legend from the Himalayas. On the other it's a new addition to the Skoda family which we were asked to test-drive for the day at Woburn last Saturday. We weren't the only ones. There was a an entire fleet of parent bloggers, including that other legend SingleParentDad (and he's for real).
The car's an attractive, roomy and surprisingly classy crossover: not quite SUV but with all the fun of a genuine off-roader. What you can't do with the seats by way of sliding, tilting or even removing them completely won't be worth doing, although the centre seat (where granny sat) was just a little too narrow for comfort, especially with Charlie's car seat alongside. There's bags of head and leg-room (more than enough for 6' 3" of me) and visibility is excellent - which was just as well as we had some serious wildlife to see...
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