Friday, 23 October 2009


Me? Of course not. The new website, SuperSavvyMe. The one for supersavvy mums. That's why I was in London earlier this week. I was invited to the launch event. I know, I know, I'm not a mum. Or super. Or even savvy. But both SingleParentDad and I were there as 'token men' (so we were told) along with a group of 'A' list celebrity blogging mummies. There was Jo Beaufoix and Tara Cain, Rosie Scribble and Sally Whittle, Dulwich Divorcee, Susanna (A Modern Mother) and Potty Mummy. Yes, folks, they all exist; they're real people! (And very lovely people too; it was great to meet them all.)

The whole event was rather good. The website looks fantastic. But don't take my word for it. Have a look. Its right here.

Charlie enjoyed himself as well. A ride down to London on two different 'choo-choos' must be his idea of heaven. He even kissed the (rather grubby) windows of the train - great for the immune system.

I can't say that I quite shared his excitement at the prospect of two plus hours on public transport, but the journey was nothing if not entertaining. First prize for most creative use of the 'F' word goes to the man behind us on the 7.46 from Boston (noun, verb, adjective, adverb, conjunction - you name it, he used it). As Charlie's verbal development is still very much at the 'copy' stage I was on tenterhooks for the rest of the day. But he didn't let me down. His only solecism was social, dipping strawberries into the tomato ketchup. And I'm sure - like the blogging royalty they are - my colleagues would have simply done an Edward VII and followed suit if they had noticed.

And the Basil Fawlty prize for customer service goes to the guard on the 15.10 from King's Cross, a man well versed in the talk, but not the walk. You have no idea how irritating those announcements telling you to "contact a member of the on-board 'team' if you require assistance" are. Especially when delivered face-to-face by a member of said on-board 'team'. But that's another story...


  1. Oh I do love being called an A list celebrity blogging mummy. Please do that again! And you are super and savvy, Tim, as was Charlie. I don't think you would have noticed that he had dipped his strawberries in ketchup if I hadn't pointed it out!!! It really was a really enjoyable day. Hope you likes seeing me and Jo banging on your train window like morons!! We're so savvy!!

  2. Certainly Rosie, you 'A' list celebrity blogging mummy. Honestly, meeting the likes of the legendary bloggers was like seeing Nelson's column come to life. (It didn't, btw!) And you and Jo can bang on my train window anytime...

  3. I think Big E would've loved the train ride and probably would've licked the windows too!

    Don't you just love helpful train guards?

    Sounds like the event was great fun, lucky you getting to meet all those BloggerStars.


  4. What an exciting life you lead, D, events here and there. Along with being an established writer - I am so eaten up!

    Seriously it sounds like a good site . Will look at it. xxx

  5. Ooh, are you a groupie?

    Sounds like you had a fab time.


  6. What, bloggers are real people? No, I don't buy that and I should know because I'm just a figment of my own imagination.

    Dipping strawberries in tomato sauce could be the next "in" thing to do. Charlie leads the pack again!

  7. Lovely to meet you and Charlie is adorable!


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