Friday, 30 October 2009

The Gift of Life 2

There can't be many people out there who haven't heard about the Pampers/UNICEF Gift of Life campaign to rid the world of neo-natal tetanus. You might recall I was invited with a team of lovely mummy-bloggers (some guys have all the luck!) to the launch event in London last month. You can read about it here. Basically, buy a pack of Pampers nappies (diapers) or wipes between now and the end of December and they'll pay for one dose of the anti-tetanus serum. Buy from Boots or Tesco and the dose is trebled. Don't buy Pampers? Click on the logo in the top right-hand corner of this page and that donates a vaccine, too. It really is that easy. We (the bloggers) came away from the launch with a mystery parcel. Rosie managed to palm hers off on SingleParentDad, but here at Bringing up Charlie we thought we'd have a bit of fun. Basically, it's like a game of pass the parcel. Except that every layer reveals a number - the number of vaccinations Pampers will donate, just for ripping off the paper! I'm delighted to say that last week, the mums at Trinity Tots managed to donate over 30,000 vaccinations. 30,000! Isn't that amazing? Oh, and you should've seen what was in the middle of all that wrapping....



  1. There's an award for you, plus a link to this campaign over at my blog x

  2. So what was in the the center of the wrapping? Does is have to do with a nappy?

  3. Nice one, Tim. I need to do a reminder post this month.

  4. I donated £10 to Unicef as I use washable nappies and wipes.Personally I think it's a better deal as 1 vaccine only costs 4.9p.I keep meaning to do a post on my blog about the alternative.

  5. Well done, MadHouse!

    Thanks, Clarey. And sorry I'm late taking a look.

    Ah, that would be telling AMM!

    Look forward to reading it Rosie.

    Sounds like a great deal, AlyB. Look forward to reading the post about it.


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