Saturday, 17 October 2009

Bathtime Blues pt.2

A couple of weeks ago I posted a little cri de coeur about dramatic changes to our evening ritual. A nice warm soak, some gentle fun, a cuddle dry and then a bedtime story used to be the perfect wind-down to a busy day. And Charlie used to have a bath as well. It's the natural way to prepare for sleep, to invoke gentle dreams of far-off lands and white, sandy beaches... Except when it isn't. When it becomes a nightmare, when the bathroom is a battle ground, when the cuddle dry is more WWF than fluff and when the story doesn't have a happy ending, then you know you've got a problem. We did. And we asked for help. And help we got.

Thanks to everyone who offered suggestions, explanations, possible solutions or even a shoulder to cry on. We've tried a few things out as you're about to see. And if one thing doesn't work, there's an entire bathtime armada over the horizon.

Just one more thing, before you click. Our bathroom isn't really pink. And anyway, it's being ripped out in a couple of weeks time. There. Don't you just love a happy ending?


  1. How absolutely sweet and beautiful and happy :)
    We just had the 9 yr old in the shower worried that leeches would crawl up the plug hole and the 7 yr old refusing to leave the small bath he had made himself from his shower - even though it was bed time - sigh - thank you for reminding me of happier simpler times :)

  2. Hi April: glad you liked the vid. We'll be using it ourselves as a reminder of bathtime past pretty soon, I'm sure. I don't think we're through the woods yet, not after last night.

  3. Ahhh Tim that was lovely. What a cutie. SO glad things are calmer and you're all enjoying Charlie's bath time. And it looks great here.

  4. I had a really difficult time with IJ and bathing. Hairwashing was a nightmare and so sometimes it didn't get done because it was not worth all the drama. It improved as she got older, we tried a shampoo that was easier to wash out and filled the bath with toys. Good luck with Charlie.

  5. Thanks Jo. That was one of the better episodes from the series. Some (if they'd been filmed) would be more Hammer Horror, but we're getting there. Slowly.

    Seems to be a phase they all go through, Rosie. In fact, sometimes I wonder if it ever gets any better. Getting Sally into the shower is sometimes just as much of a struggle...

  6. Oh He is just the cutest. His giggles! I am sitting here now feeling quite folorn that I won't ever hear my boys giggle in that adorable toddler way again. But overall you have really brightened up my morning. Lovely, lovely, lovely x

  7. Thanks Nicola. Those giggles have been quite rare at bathtime lately - hence the decision to record them for posterity! Glad you enjoyed it.

  8. Awww, so pleased you got it all sorted out. Something so simple can become a nightmare. Love the video- very clever.

  9. Life with children its like being bi-polar either really great or pants. Sometimes I long for the middleground. Enjoy it whilst you can

  10. This is more adorable than a whole box load of kittens. I love it.

    Glad Charlie is enjoying his splashing sessions again :-) x

  11. Hurrah! What a sweetie he is.

  12. Happy baby!
    Our bathroom doesn't make our boys cry, but it sure makes us cry.
    What I wouldn't do to be ripping ours out in a couple of weeks!
    Enjoy your happy guy and your new bath which it sounds is on the way.

  13. Thanks CM - although I'm not convinced it's sorted out for good yet. The battle might be won, but the war's still going on.

    Can't think that box load of kittens would enjoy a bath much, either Josie. Never mind - there's always someone worse off than yourselfas my old nan would say.

    Don't tell him that Solveig - he's already demanding a new set for his next film. It'll be fees next, then a bigger trailer.

    Well, we won't be shedding many tears when the old one goes, Serena. That's for sure.

  14. Great blog. And whats wrong with a pink bath - thats what I'd like to know! I'm going after an avacado one myself.

    Bathtimes have always worked for us. Its always been a good routine for the kids - especially daughter who never slept through the night.


  15. Well, nothing per se Jenny. It's just that it isn't pink. And yet it looks pink in this video... And they say the camera doesn't lie!

  16. How cute! Absolutely nothing like bathtime at our house.


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