Sunday, 25 October 2009

And the winner is...

Are you ready? Have you got your numbers handy? Can you contain yourself?
Well, if last night's lottery numbers didn't come up, perhaps the 'Bringing up Charlie' grand domain-launch Marks and Spencer voucher giveaway might be yours. This could be your lucky day!
So, here goes everybody. This week's random-piece of paper drawer-outer is Charlie, and it's thanks to Sally for writing everybody's name down on those bits of paper. Oh, and she held the bucket, too.


  1. And very chuffed and grateful I am too - thank you!

  2. Cute way of doing the draw! Well done Steve & Modern Mother!

  3. What? I didn't win? Because I didn't enter? That'll be my fault then.
    Well done Steve and A Modern Mother who sensibly did remember to enter. Doh!

  4. Too cute! Charlie must be my lucky charm. Thanks so much I never win anything.

  5. Well done Steve and A Modern Mother

  6. Adorable..loved this little clip of your delightful children x


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