Sunday, 13 September 2009

Second helpings...

A week ago, feeling somewhat left-out by all the folks enjoying 'firsts', I set a second-best meme in motion. It was easy making up a list of questions, and a simple task to challenge several fellow-bloggers to invent the answers. (And what answers! You can read them here and here and here, as well as here and here (shortly) and believe me, they're all well worth a read!) Answering them myself has proved a tad more challenging, but - for what it's worth - here goes...
  • My second girlfriend?
Well, much as I'm afraid of falling at the first hurdle, it depends what you mean by 'girlfriend'. For safety's sake I'm going to tell you it was Julie Stevenson, although it didn't last. I think we swore undying love for the duration of the school disco. Shamefully, I'd only asked her there to show my first girlfriend how unfussed I was about her dumping me. We were eleven at the time.
  • My second day at school
Awful. Dreadful. Terrible. I'm the original 'I went to school yesterday' boy. I didn't mind day one at all. I thought that would be it. It was the rest of them I couldn't stand.
  • My second best-friend?
Us guys don't really 'do' best friends, but there was the kid with whom I used to want to hang around (but was never cool enough to qualify) and the one I actually hung around with most. Does that count? His name was Andrew Jackson and we played the entire 1976 England v West Indies test series on the local field in Hemsworth. I was Tony Greig which, looking back, might have been a big mistake.
  • The second LP I bought
I can't even remember the first, although it was probably something by The Police. Did I tell you Stewart Copeland's coming on my blog next week?
  • The second house I lived in
308 Bricknell Avenue, Hull, in the old East Riding of Yorkshire. I thought I might even be able to recite the telephone number, but in spite of it being drilled into us by my mum (in case I or my sister ever got lost) I find that I've forgotten it. Strange.
  • The second car I drove
An Austin 1300 (vanden plas, if you please!) bought for £40 from a uni friend. You know who you are!
  • My second-favourite band?
Jethro Tull. What was Ian Anderson all about?
  • The second-best book I ever read?
I'm not going to name some high-art work of literature. I could say 'War and Peace' (except that I've never read it). No. My second-favourite book in the sense of the book I go back and re-read almost as often as my all-time favourite is a collection of the James Herriot novels.
  • My second-favourite film?
Tricky. I don't really do films. And when I do they're the kind of weird things you can only watch on DVD (unless you live in Paris). So, how about... The Cement Garden. (It stars Charlotte Gainsbourg, in case you're wondering!)
  • My second-favourite blog?
All my favourite blogs are in my sidebar, so by definition anything that isn't there is second-favourite at the moment. If that's you, let me know and - until a link goes up - you can claim the dubious distinction of being second-favourite.
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