Tuesday, 29 September 2009

The old geezer's spouting again...

Iceland? It's all a load of hot air... Actually, it's freezing (as the name suggests). It was +3 while we were there but the wind-chill was well into minus figures. Did you know it's so windy there that no two clocks (on churches, town halls, that kind of thing) show the same time? The wind plays havoc with the hands, apparently. So now you know. And it's the water that is hot - boiling hot and bubbling from the earth's core, providing Icelanders with heating, lighting and hot-water bathing. The thing is, they forgot to put the roof on at the Blue Lagoon. No matter. While the lifeguards wander round in heavy snow boots, muffled up like arctic explorers we were lounging in the silica-rich waters, soaking up the health-giving minerals and enjoying a glass or two of wine and plucking up courage for the icy dash back to the changing rooms. Oh the sacrifice, dear reader!
Your correspondent can be seen here drinking a toast to the grandparents, without whom none of this would have been possible.
And finally, as promised, here's that old geyser I was telling you about. You didn't really think I'd gone out for a frozen pizza, did you?
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