Monday, 17 August 2009

Home Sweet Home

There's nothing like arriving home after a wonderful week's holiday. You know - mountains of washing, piles of post and nothing in the fridge necessitating immediate food-shopping?

Well, this is nothing like arriving home after a holiday. For a start, we've been without water all morning - so there's been no washing. And it seems that most of the post has been too big for the letterbox (exciting!) so I've got to go to the sorting office and collect it. Which leaves shopping, and Sarah's doing that right now with Charlie, which is why I'm blogging.

But what's this? In my absence, all my comments (and I mean all) have been deleted! Where have they gone? And how can I retrieve them? Does anyone know what can be done?
I rather think it's all my fault. Before departing last week I installed a brand-new comment system called IntenseDebate. It seemed to work for Ian. But while I've been out-of-range all week, leaving posts to pop-up in my absence, all the things that everyone has ever said have been erased. Forever? Well, I hope not. I'm working on it. In the meantime, if anyone has any bright ideas please let me know.
I think I need another holiday. This time last week we were all in Harrogate, and it was raining (but for the only time during our break, thank goodness). We stayed just outside Masham, explored Middleham Castle and The Forbidden Corner, went walking through newly-mown hay meadows in Swaledale, did some painting, a little drinking (there are two iconic breweries in Masham - it'd be rude not to!) and plenty of eating.

It was a wonderful week high up on the windswept hills of Herriot-country. Oh, and we went to the famous veterinary surgery as well. Sally even sat in the little car that splashes through the stream in the opening title sequence of 'All Creatures Great and Small' and answered the 'Darrowby 385' black telephone. It was all so realistic you expected Siegfried to come bounding through the door at any moment.

Probably looking for his hat.

Which Sally was wearing...

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