Monday, 3 August 2009

Blame Tara

Or Rebel Mother. After all, she's the one that 'tagged' me. Anyway RM - in answer to your question, a meme is a belief or attitude or a form of social behaviour which exists for no obvious genetic purpose, brings no evolutionary advantage, but nevertheless spreads throughout society with alarming rapidity. Recreational sex is one that readily springs to mind. And I'm quoting from the Archbishop of Atheism, Richard Dawkins, here. After all, he invented it. (Not recreational sex, you understand... the concept of the meme.)
But I digress. It'd be a lot easier just to answer the questions. So....
  1. Hottest movie star? Easy - Charlotte Gainsbourg
  2. Most expensive item ever bought (apart from house and car)? Hmm, tricky. A computer? A cooker? Carpets? Curtains? No, I have it: it's this painting, bought on our honeymoon in Cornwall.
  3. Most treasured memory? Oh, so many... Probably the sight of Sarah starting her long walk down the aisle three years ago. No way on earth was I going to miss that! Beautiful...
  4. Best gift received as a child? Model railway, aged about eight. Kept me amused for years! Made me the man I am today etc. In other words, it's got a lot to answer for!
  5. Biggest mistake you've made? Hmmm, tricky. Probably buying a car for forty-quid in my last year as a student. Suffice to say I had excellent value from AA membership!
  6. Four words to describe yourself? I'm not that old
  7. Highlight of 2008? Charlie: 13.1.08, to be precise!
  8. Favourite Film? Ma Femme est une Actrice (starring Charlotte Gainsbourg!)
  9. Something else not known about you? I'm not here. I'm there instead. Only today's the first day of my blog book-tour, and I'm a guest of the author, Gary Murning. Do pop along and say 'hello'.
  10. Which comic-strip character would you be? Hong-Kong Phooey
Now apparently, I'm supposed to pass this on to several other bloggers. But - of the dozens of blogs I read - I reckon there aren't many who haven't already done it. So the buck stops here. Blame Tara. (I do!)


  1. Ooh, recreational sex?

    The Archbishop sounds like a bore.

    So, gossip is a Meme too?

    I used to love watching Hong Kong Phooey....

    Hey, this is interesting...know a bit more about you now.

    Good luck on your blog book tour - have a great time....if you get bored you could see if Gary knows anymore Meme's!


  2. Glad you like the answers RM (including the one to the question, what's a meme?)!

  3. The archbishop is a tad disappointing, just like the photo of your painting. It's far too small. You must do better! :)

  4. Dawkins? Disappointing? But he invented 'meming'! (Is that a word?) Where would we bloggers be without him?

  5. I hold Tara to account for a lot of things, I shall add this to the list.

  6. Oh, go on, admit it, you're just delighted to have been tagged really aren't you. Aren't you? Anyway, re singing the national anthem on national Irish carrier BRyan's HAir, I think they actually throw you off the plane if you dare to display such British patriotism.

  7. That girl's got a lot to answer for, Ian!

    Ok, ok you got me bang to rights HCM! Actually, I think I'm behind in the tagging stakes - I'm sure there are a couple I've forgotten about. And as for the National Anthem - doesn't it depend which one?

  8. I've read so many of these by women, good to hear a man's answers for a change.

  9. great answers, what a lovely painting too:)

  10. Thanks, Chic Mama. (Are you listening Ian?)

    Glad you like the painting Sub. It was certainly worth it!


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