Wednesday, 1 July 2009


Do not give this book to your wife/husband, partner, consort, concubine or anyone else you might care to share a bed with. Not if you want to get to sleep, that is. Not if you object to lying with your eyes closed listening to ever-louder snorts and giggles and occasional guffaw. Not if you can't help opening your eyes and asking - only slightly irratated - what all the fuss is about. And not if you can't then help sitting up and reading what has made said partner cry with laughter. And joining in yourself. And before long, that little 'light' read before lights-out, you know the one - 'until my eyes feel tired' - has got you both sitting up in bed and trying not to laugh so loud you wake the baby up. Seriously. This is a dangerous book. Avoid at all costs. And don't say I didn't warn you...
Even worse, it's all true!


  1. Will it make me feel relieved that I have nothing to give back?

  2. You can't just go and tell me NOT to do something, I'm a polarity responder! *mooches off to add it to her Amazon wish list*

  3. I'm mooching off too!!! :)

  4. I never do what I'm told so I am definitely going to read this book:p

  5. Dot, I've just finished reading your Writing Therapy book. Excellent, my friend, really very good - and I'm not a compulsively gushy person about these things. Amazing how you understood the character, unless of course you once were a teenage girl and the subsequent sex change op was a very very good one ;-)

  6. Hmm, not sure about that one, Scarlett. But it'll make you laugh!

    Ok, ok - but don't say I didn't warn you, Sandy.

    It's far too hot for mooching, OMG!

    Well, buy your partner a pair of earplugs PHM - if you want to keep everybody perfectly happy!

    You rebel, B&R!

    Damn! I was hoping to keep quiet about that, Gadj. Delighted you enjoyed the book, though!

  7. Perhaps separate beds is in order here..

    CJ xx

  8. That's a good idea CJ - at least until the book's finished!

    You won't be disappointed, Sub.

  9. I think that I would go one step further and suggest separate bedrooms!

  10. Hope you're on commission - can I borrow it after you as I have very deep pyjama pockets and only short arms

  11. Thanks for the tip, Tim, although I wouldn't read it with my husband. Doesn't understand humor, he's English!!! On another note, I've been having problems reading and leaving comments on your blog. I have to use Firefox instead with Explorer and it's a big fuff for me. It has happened with other blogs on and off, but it always happens with this one. Are you maybe monitored by the secret services and/or the CIA? Have a nice weekend! Ciao. A.

  12. As long as I don't have to send them back from where they came.

  13. Might not be a bad idea, CW!

    Wish I was, NB. (But as I'm not, of course you can borrow it if you want to!)

    Hope not, Antonella. (What on earth would they want with me?) But - like you, I've had some problems with other Google blogs on IE - so much so I now use Safari and I'm thinking of changing to another platform. Anyone got any recommendations?

    Hmmm, good point Serena!


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